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Bank Holiday Activities at Home with Pets

If the weather isn’t very good this weekend or you are planning to stay in, here are a few activities for you and your pet to enjoy over the bank holiday.

Hide and seek is an activity that can mentally and physically stimulate your pet. You will need two people to play, so your pet isn’t left alone whilst you hide. Call their name so they will come and find you, or wait for the other player to tell them to go and look. Games such as this are a way for you and your pet to interact and bond. Hide and seek can quickly evolve into chase, but make sure there are no obstacles that your pet can run into or hurt themselves on. An alternative is hiding treats around the home for your pet to find.

Spending time with other dog or cat owners enables your pet to interact with others, increasing their socialisation skills. This is especially important if your pet is the only one in the household, as it teaches them how to behave around other animals. Taking a walk in your neighbourhood together is a way of getting both pets to bond.

The long bank holiday weekend could be used to train your pet. Even the most stubborn of pets can learn something new, so why not dedicate your time to teaching them a few new tricks? Use their favourite treats to entice them to co-operate, and practice a few different techniques to find the one that your pet responds to most effectively.

For something different, why not build an obstacle course for your pet to explore? Use cushions, cardboard boxes, paper bags and other safe items that will give your dog or cat something new to do at home. It will be entertaining watching them get to grips with the adventure playground you have built for them. However, supervision at all times is essential in ensuring the total safety of your pet, so don’t leave them alone.

However, activities don’t need to be high endurance. Simply putting on a DVD and snuggling up with your dog or cat may be just what they need. Just stroking your pet and providing them with attention will give them a lot of pleasure. You can even buy DVDs specifically designed to keep your pets entertained. For example, those for cats may feature footage of birds flying.

You can take the opportunity of extra spare time this weekend to groom your pet. Some don’t enjoy this activity, yet it has to be done at one point or another. Even the most fastidious self-groomer will need their coat untangling every once in a while, so the bank holiday provides the perfect opportunity to get out the brush.

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