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Buddy & Friends Memory Foam Bone Mat – A Review

Buddy and Friends mat

After buying myself a new memory foam mattress I wondered whether there were any kind of memory foam products available on the market for dogs and to my delight I stumbled upon the Buddy & Friends Memory Foam Bone Mat. When it first arrived my initial thoughts were that the product felt lovely but would it actually be comfortable to lie on? The memory foam did not seem very thick but it was very well made with no loose fibres or stitching.

There was only one way to find out how good the mat was, I called upon our product tester the 9-year-old Border Terrier, Archie. He seemed to be the perfect candidate as he is very fussy but is getting to the age where he needs to lie on something, especially when he follows me out to the kitchen where I have stone tiles. Upon taking the bone mat (named so because of its shape) home I placed it next to Archie’s bed, which is currently a doubled over duvet. After a little sniffing and exploring he decided to give it a try and laid down on it. What can I say; he loved it! To the point where I couldn’t get him to sleep in his bed that night as he wanted to stay on the new mat; I thought that when I came down in the morning Archie would definitely have moved to his bed, but no, there he was fast asleep. I even took the mat to work with me when Archie visited the office for the day and he was sound asleep on it within minutes.

This product is really good and although it looks thin and like a normal mat, the memory foam provides relief from pressure points that can sometimes cause discomfort to joints on dogs when lying down. Another great feature of this product is the gripper base it has, meaning that it is perfect for tiled or laminate floors as it stays in place without sliding. Archie is hoping he will be able to test their memory foam lounger soon as I think it is on his birthday present list!

In terms of durability of the product, I think that it will last for a very long time. The material used means that the mat can be put in the washing machine thus making it easy to clean and maintain. It is also easy to fold and store compared to bigger dog beds. I really like this product and whilst the asking price of £29.99 might seem a bit steep, it is worth every penny knowing that you have a product that is durable, practical and enduring. A great idea for keeping dogs comfy that I highly recommend.

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