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Infographic / Postcode lottery; How Vet Bills vary across the UK

Any pet owner in the UK knows just how expensive vet bills can be, but have you ever wondered how much you fork out compared to the rest of the UK? Our latest study has revealed that vet bills for certain treatments can cost up to FIVE TIMES more in certain regions. To conduct our … Continued

Dog / Bella knocks Alfie off top spot in pet names poll

In our annual top pet names list, Bella has been revealed as the most popular name in the UK, after pipping Alfie to the post for the first time since 2014. Not content with top of the overall pet names poll, Bella also ranks as the nation’s favourite name for dogs. To inform our yearly … Continued

Dog / Over a Third of UK Dogs Left Alone for Three Hours a Day!

Do you leave your dog home alone for long periods of the day? In our new survey we’ve discovered that 37% of dogs are left untended for an average of three hours a day. This amounts to six weeks over the course of a year! To make matters worse, a further 13% are left in … Continued

Animal Friends / Britain’s Most Popular Pet Names 2016

Signs of Overheating and Heatstroke in Dogs

Britain’s Most Popular Pet Names To celebrate this month being National Pet Month, we undertook some research into the UK’s most popular pet names. Looking at almost 60,000 dogs, cats and horses, we’ve found that Britain’s most popular pet name is Alfie! Alfie came in as the top dog name for the UK, and the … Continued

Infographic / The UK’s Most Pampered Pets

Coventry has been dubbed the pet crazy capital of Britain as people who live there splash out the most on their animals, according to our latest study. Those in the city spend an average total of £52.77 per month on spoiling their beloved dogs and cats. A shocking £14.44 each month goes on toys for … Continued

Infographic / Star Paws: Pet Names from a Galaxy Far Far Away

Next week, one of the most hotly-anticipated films of the decade will be released. Die-hard fans have been waiting for a long time for new material from this record-breaking franchise, and hopes are high that this newest instalment is going to be the best yet. We are, of course, talking about Star Wars: The Force … Continued

Health / Silent Fireworks: How Do They Help?

Gone are the days when Bonfire Night was solely celebrated on the 5th of November. Nowadays you can expect to see fireworks going up from the last weekend in October all the way through to mid-January. The rise in accessibility to fireworks means that anyone over the age of 18 can put on their own … Continued

Infographic / Fireworks and pets

Bonfire night is a scary time for animals what with all of the loud noises and bright, flashing lights from the fireworks. We have created this infographic to help you when looking after your pet not only on Bonfire Night ,but the days surrounding the event, so that they can stay as happy and settled … Continued

Infographic / Keeping Your Pet Safe at Halloween

As we near the end of the year the onset of festivities begin and I for one get very excited about such times. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Bonfire night; I love all of these celebrations but I found out last year that with the fun-filled merriments comes a few potential hazards for our pets. Halloween … Continued

Infographic / Speaking Your Pet’s Language

A flick of the tail, flattened ears, loud barking – most pet owners are familiar with these common behaviours, but what exactly do they mean? To make it a little easier, we’ve come up with a cartoon demonstration for reading your cat and dog’s expressions.

Infographic / Rescued Seals Released Back into Wild by RSPCA

Back in early December a record tidal surge that caused severe flooding and “war zone“-like damage in Norfolk, England, washed up and stranded 108 seal pups, many less than three weeks old.

Infographic / Accident Help & Advice

Knowing what to do in an emergency could save your pet’s life. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions as to how you can keep your pet and yourself calm and react most appropriately when faced with an emergency situation. In Emergency Situations: First ensure the safety of yourself and others. Keep calm and assess the … Continued

Infographic / Easter – Why Pets Should Hop the Choc

Easter - Why Pets Should Hop the Choc 2

Cats and dogs are naturally curious about the foods we eat, and treats like Easter eggs can be all the more alluring with their exciting foil wrapping and interesting boxes. Its important to keep chocolate out of reach of pets; even the smallest amount can cause huge health risks to your beloved cat or dog. … Continued

Infographic / Super-Furry Animals Infographic

Animals are amazing creatures and whilst they make great pets and companions, they are also heroes in their own right. This Super-Furry Animals infographic from shows some of the bravest animals in all the land. From dolphins that fend off sharks to an elephant carrying a girl to safety from the 2004 tsunami, this … Continued

Infographic / So Much Love, Not Enough Words

Valentine’s day is a time for celebrating the ones you love and who love you; who better to spoil and shower with attention than your pets? This infographic, entitled ‘So Much Love, Not Enough Words’ was inspired by you. 1,000 of our policyholders took part in a survey to form the heart-warming statistics found here … Continued

Cat / Starting a Life with Cats and Dogs

We recently carried out a survey taking a look into what it means to be a pet owner in this day and age. Part of the survey took a look at how many people had adopted or rescued their companion and found that although 87.2% of people said that they would or had considered adopting a … Continued