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Horse / Our Animal Friends: Tilly and Doof

Your name and department: Sianne – Sales Team Your pets name: Circle Of Truth, also know as, Struth or Doof. Type of pet: Horse What does he look like: Doof is a big brown horse with a very small star on his head. How old is he: Doof is a 12 year old thorough-bred ex race horse. What are his favourite toys: … Continued

Animal Friends / Customer Story: Simba the Cat

For our customer story this month Mr Manfield tells us about his late cat, Simba. Simba was a very handsome tabby and white cat adopted from the Cats Protection League back in 2007. Simba was an incredibly affectionate cat with a huge heart for his family. Here is what his owner Mr Manfield shared with us: ‘We adopted Simba from our … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Misty Moo and Ginger Ninja

Ginger Ninja & Misty Moo

Your name and department: Sianne in Sales Your pet’s names: Misty Moo and Ginger Ninja How old are they: They are both 3 years and 9 months old Breed: Domestic Short Hair What do they look like: Misty Moo is black and white. She has a half white and half black face with a Harry Potter-like scar … Continued

Animal Friends / Customer Story – Melody the Horse

Nevern Melody the Thoroughbred

For our customer story this month Miss Rogers tells us about her lovely horse, Melody, who is a 15 year old, 16.1hh, thoroughbred ex-racehorse. Melody has been through quite a lot over the last year. Here is what her owner Miss Rogers shared with us: ‘I saw her in a stable one day back in … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Flo the French Bulldog

Flo the French Bulldog

Your name and department: Sophie – Customer Service Your pet’s name: Flo How old is she: Approximately 2 years Breed: French Bulldog – Brindle colour What does she look like: In our words a “Bat pig” as she has stuck up ears with one slightly bent at the top and she likes to snort a lot! What is … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends – Keltie the Golden Retriever

Keltie the Golden Retriever

Your name and department: Emma – Sales Your pet’s name: Keltie How old is she: 12 years Breed: Golden Retriever What does she look like: She is golden with natural grey highlights (due to her age) around her face. She also has a black spot on her back! What is her favourite… Toy: She likes to destroy her toys, however … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Bubble and Fizz

Fizz and Bubble

Your name and department:  Josh – Marketing Your pets’ names:  Bubble and Fizz How old are they:  15/16 yrs Breed:  Domestic Shorthairs What do they look like:  Bubble has white/black/brown fur. Fizz has black/brown fur and he’s got quite a gut on him! What are their favourite… Toys:  Nothing for Bubble.  He’s only interested in … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Fraggles & Rufus

Frazzles and Rufus

Your name and department:  Claire – Sales Equine Your pet’s names:  Fraggles and Rufus How old are they:  Fraggles is 9 years old.  Rufus is 4 years old. Breed:  Cross-breeds What do they look like:  Fraggles is white with a tan head, tan spots and a scruffy coat.  Rufus is black/dark brown with a white nose … Continued

Animal Friends / Our Animal Friends: Apollo the Cat

Apollo the Cat

Your name and department: Aimee Smith – Claims Your pet’s name: Apollo – aka Squirt How old is he:  He will be 2 years old in April 2016 Breed: British Short Hair What does he look like: A chubby Black Tipped coloured British Short Hair What is his favourite… Toy: His bright pink Kong Kickeroo, … Continued