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Cold weather and pets

Cold weather and pets 1

Summer seems to have disappeared and mornings are already much colder. You might notice that the grass is almost frozen on your morning dog walk, or there’s a very thin layer of ice in the water bowl while letting your cat in after its nightly adventures. Winter will soon be here, so how can you make sure your pets are comfortable in the cold weather?

A warm place to sleep

Provide your pet with somewhere warm to sleep. There’s nothing nicer than getting into a cosy bed on a nippy day and we all know how hard it is to escape the duvet on a cold morning, your pets deserve the same. If they sleep in a hallway, make sure you invest in a draft excluder if there’s any breeze as there’s nothing worse than being cold at night.

Exercise is still important

It’s still important to make sure your dog is active during colder days.

Get wrapped up and get outdoors, you’ll feel good for it, too. Make sure you take extra care when it’s slippery and if you’re unable to walk them then you might want to look into paying a dog walker.

Make sure you wear reflective gear on early morning or dark evening walks so that you’re clearly seen. You can even get a flashing collar for your dog so you can keep track on them while you throw the ball into the darkness.

Keeping them clean

If your dog has rolled in something unbearable or they’re just a bit too smelly then make sure you wash them with warm water and that they’re dried thoroughly before going back outside.

Cats and cars

If you still want to let your cat explore the outdoors through autumn and winter, then make sure they have fresh (not frozen) water and somewhere warm to hide.

Cats often hide beneath cars or climb into the engines to get warm and can get seriously injured as a result. It’s always best to bang on the hood of the car to scare any hiding cats or check your engine before starting your car. It might be an idea to keep your cat indoors over the cold months, even if they’re unhappy. Invest in some new shelves and toys to make the house as fun as it can be for your feline friends!

Cat hiding under a car


It’s not a legal requirement to get your cat microchipped but it’s advised. If they go missing while on the hunt for somewhere warm to hide, then a microchip can help you be reunited sooner rather than later.


While looking after your pet through the colder months it’s also important to look out for any wildlife that might be suffering, too. Seeds, nuts and water will make a bird’s life much easier while tinned dog or cat food (not fish based) will help a hedgehog on its nightly journeys. If you can, you might want to look into buying a hedgehog house and provide a safe haven for the prickly garden visitors while stopping any cats or foxes from eating their food.


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