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Customer Story: Simba the Cat

Customer Story: Simba the Cat

For our customer story this month Mr Manfield tells us about his late cat, Simba.

Simba was a very handsome tabby and white cat adopted from the Cats Protection League back in 2007. Simba was an incredibly affectionate cat with a huge heart for his family.

Here is what his owner Mr Manfield shared with us:

‘We adopted Simba from our local Cats Protection League in 2007 when he was just over a year old. Apparently his family had abandoned him in their garden and a neighbour, after feeding him for a month, took him to the Cats Protection League.

It was love at first sight – when we first saw Simba he was lying on his back, legs akimbo. This would remain his favourite position especially when sunning himself in our garden.


Simba was a very big cat but couldn’t have been more affectionate and gentle; he didn’t have a bad bone in his body. In all the time we had him he didn’t once act even remotely aggressive and was a notoriously poor hunter.

What we hadn’t known, of course was that he had only one kidney and a weak heart so his illness was a terrible shock. Simba was our daughters favourite pet and his death was a very sad time for us.

The very compassionate and efficient way that Animal Friends handled our claim helped a lot – we’re very grateful.’


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