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Do pets make Brits more attractive?

a dog in the woods

Do you find yourself more attracted to a partner who is an animal lover?

Well it turns out that you’re not alone, because according to our new survey, a fifth of Brits say they would rather date a pet owner over someone who didn’t own one.

Out of that group, a third of respondents admitted that they would rather be with a dog owner, whilst a quarter would rather get their paws into a cat owner.

One of the most surprising findings from our survey in fact, was that an eighth of respondents declared that they would dump a lover if there was no room for a pet in their lives!

Sadly, for rabbit, hamster and guinea pig owners, we discovered that owning one of these animals was more likely to turn a potential partner off.

Respondents were most likely to be put off owners who spent their time with reptiles and creepy crawlies. Just under three fifths of those surveyed said that they were likely to avoid a potential partner if they owned a tarantula, and just over half would be likely to avoid a date with someone who owned a snake.

The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) in 2015-2016 claimed that there were 57 million pets in the UK – highlighting that there is a handsome amount of eligible pet owners across the country.

Owning a pet certainly has an effect on the general public, with the average dog owner meeting three people a week whilst out walking their pet. A handful of respondents have struck gold, with 8% having started dating after their partner met their pet.

Women were found to be the most infatuated with pets, with a quarter admitting that they were more likely to date someone with a pet, compared to just a seventh of men.

Some Brits however were found to be less receptive, with a tenth stating that a pet’s smell and mess would put them off dating a pet owner.

Out of that tenth of respondents, half of them said that the responsibility of owning a pet was too much for them to handle, whilst an additional 29% admitted the cost of owning a pet was a major stumbling block for them.

Many fruitful relationships however do develop due to pets, with a whopping 88% of people who are self-proclaimed ‘dog lovers’ being in a relationship with another pooch adorer, whilst two thirds of cat lovers were found to be equally as compatible.

Our findings have certainly found that pets play a huge part when it comes to relationships, but as partners come and go it’s important to remember that a pet’s love is unconditional.

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