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Which Dog Breed is Most Popular in Your Country?

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Cats and Dogs have always been the apple of their owners’ eyes and with huge rapid growth in the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it was only a matter of time before our pets ruled the internet. Nowadays it is near-on impossible to log onto your social networks without seeing cute pictures of dogs, or funny videos of cats.

But what can all of this ‘sharing’, ‘liking’ and retweeting show us when it comes to owners and their pets?

One app, named Klooff, has conducted heavy data analysis based on its users’ metrics (the app is designed specifically for users to share pictures of their pets) and found some interesting results in regards to what type of dog breed is trending the most in each country.

Whilst some of the results seem to fit in with what one might think, such as the top dog in France being the Poodle, other results seem to be quite surprising, most notably America’s love for the French Bulldog or Argentina’s adoration for the English Bulldog. Other interesting stats include the top trending hastag used on Twitter and the fact that cat photos receive 2.3x more shares that dog photos.
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