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Dog First Aid: Top claims and what to look out for

As part of our partnership with Dog First Aid Franchise Limited, we look at the top 5 dog insurance claims related to dog first aid. Our canine companions can get hurt and fall ill just like we can but knowing what to do in an emergency involving your dog is key to being a responsible pet parent. 


You might find your dog always coming home from their adventures with cuts and grazes, while other dogs always seem to avoid injury. Different wounds require different attention, with small cuts and grazes being able to heal themselves while the bigger wounds should always be seen by a vet. 

If the wound is bleeding, contains an object that will need removing, your dog has been burnt or bitten then you will need to seek veterinary attention immediately. 

Always check your dog’s body after a walk, especially if they seem uncomfortable or are licking excessively. 


Dogs vomit for a variety of reasons, from eating something poisonous to symptoms of a more serious condition. Mild cases of dog sickness usually improve within 24 hours, and if vomiting persists for a longer period then you should seek veterinary advice. 

Make sure you have pet-proofed your home and garden so that anything likely to cause stomach upset is kept out of reach. Keep a close eye on your dog while out and about on your walks, as you never know what might attract them. This way you can stop your dog from eating something they shouldn’t. 

Foreign body 

Foreign bodies can refer to an object or matter that has entered your dog’s body by accident. This could be something as small as a thorn in their paw pad, or they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have which could get stuck somewhere along your dog’s digestive system. 

Checking your dog’s body for anything that shouldn’t be there is something you should do after a walk. This way you can find things like thorns or glass. To avoid your dog from getting an internal blockage, make sure their toys are an appropriate size and that they don’t make a habit of chewing things like your socks or underwear. 

Sting or bite 

Dogs are curious creatures, and this curiosity can sometimes lead to being bitten or stung by some of the animals they share the world with. The severity and symptoms of their injury can vary but be sure to look out for signs of an allergic reaction to a sting and contact your vet immediately if your dog has been bitten by an adder. 

Toxic ingestion 

Dogs can get themselves into all sorts of places, even if we think we’ve done our best at pet-proofing our home. Things like plantsfoods, medicines and toiletries can all be toxic to our pets. If our dog ate a toxic substance, they will become unwell and display a variety of different symptoms depending on the severity and what was eaten. 

If you think your dog has been poisoned, stay calm and contact your vet immediately. 

For more information on how attending a dog first aid course can prep you for an emergency, don’t forget to read our blog to help you and your best. 

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