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Dogs eat the weirdest things

Our dogs use their mouths to explore the world around them, so it probably comes as no surprise that they sometimes end up eating things that do not belong in a canine’s diet.

We asked the team at Joii Pet Care to tell us about some of the weirdest objects that their vets have successfully treated a dog for ingesting. Here are just some of those stories!

A Bull Terrier’s brush with the army

A Bull Terrier was brought in for a surgical operation to remove a chunk of carpet he had decided to eat. It was then that they discovered that this naughty pooch had decided to eat a set of green army men. We’re not sure why he’d decided to consume so many of these tiny toys or whether they’d managed to get back to action, but we’re pleased that they, or the piece of carpet, are no longer in his tummy!

A Boxer’s bad time farming

A Boxer was referred for an ultrasound scan for suspected cancer. Before he’d gone in, nobody knew that he’d eaten 3 meters of silage wrap. Thankfully it was able to be removed using an endoscope (a minimally invasive procedure to remove something that shouldn’t be inside a dog!).

One naughty dog

A plastic dog bowl, a seat belt and a blanket were all the things Toby’s owners needed to buy once he’d decided to eat his way through them all! Thankfully, he was successfully treated on all accounts and hopefully has learnt that some things are better not eaten.

Other strange things the vets have seen

  • A full and dirty nappy
  • Cassette tape
  • Small brass pig
  • Tea towels
  • Underwear
  • Batteries
  • Puppy pads plastic backing
  • A box of Celebrations

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