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Employee of the Quarter: Monique Smart-OShea

Employee of the Quarter: Monique Smart-OShea 1

Employee of the Quarter

Here at Animal Friends we love to help as many charities as we can. Along with our bimonthly charity competition, we also run an Employee of the quarter scheme where a cash amount is donated to the winning Employees charity of choice. Being such animal lovers, we love to get to know more about these chosen charities and find out how the donation has helped!


Meet Monique

Monique has won employee of the quarter for being the type of person who is willing to go above and beyond within her role at Animal Friends. Monique has chosen ‘Give Bees a Chance’ as her charity of choice as her daughter loves nature and wildlife. Monique’s daughter is a huge lover of bumble bees and as saving the bees is a family passion of their’s Monique feels that this is the perfect charity for her donation to go to. Monique told us that her daughter is over the moon that her Mummy has chosen to donate to the Bee’s and is very excited that it will go towards building them new homes!

Give Bees a Chance

Monique chose Give Bees a Chance, a charity working to conserve the Bees by using existing land and by purchasing additional areas to create a corridor of land which can be set aside to enable healthy Bee populations to exist and grow.

These areas include Bee hives as well as plants which the Bees can pollinate allowing the growth of a natural bee habitat. These areas will also encourage other pollinators such as the Bumble Bee, Moths and Butterflies so they can work together in harmony.

Picture below shows the Professional Landscaping project that Give Bees a Chance are working to achieve, the donation made on Monique’s behalf has helped to get this project off the ground (no pun intended..!)

drawing 1

Harry from Give Bees a Chance informed me that the 4/5 acres being used has been laid to grass for the past 10 yrs, so it’s organic, without any chemicals spread on the land, making it a safe haven for the Bees. We cant wait to see it when its all finished.

A Message from Give Bees a Chance 

‘Your very generous donation will assist our charity immensely, and will directly benefit the bees and our growing hives and improve the environment for them, as all the volunteers do not take/accept any payment whatsoever, their labour is directly freely given, leaving the donations to directly benefit the Bees, as it should be.

Kindly thank the people involved in this very generous donation, we shall do you proud with every penny donated.’ – Harry Watts, Give Bees a Chance


 A big congratulations to Monique for winning Employee of the quarter. We have loved finding out how your donation is making an actual difference to charities such as Give Bees a Chance. We look forward to seeing who wins next employee of the quarter!

Any staff that you think have been particularity helpful or gone above and beyond let us know! We love to hear about your good experiences with our Animal Friends Team!


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