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Game of Thrones characters as dog breeds

It’s almost here. The day we’ve all been waiting for, and I think it’s been long enough. After all, it’s been 2 years since the last series graced our television screens. Game of Thrones is back, and we can’t wait to see our favourite (and not-so) characters again. The series has inspired pet names around the world, but have you ever imagined the cast as dogs?

We have, and we think these breeds really fit the bill.

Jon Snow = Border collie

a border collie in the woods

Jon Snow is a firm favourite with a lot of fans, and is known for his good looks, intelligence, talent and loyalty. Border collies share these traits, too, so who better to portray the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?

Daenerys Targaryen = Corgi

a corgi in the sand

Ah, Dany. She’s come a long way from the first time we saw her and the Khaleesi we now know is strong, spirited and dependable. With so many dogs showing the same fantastic traits as Daenerys there was one real winner, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Arya Stark = Beagle

a beagle staring into the camera

Good old Arya goes by many names and no names at all. She has many traits and talents, but her loyalty probably stands out the most. A beagle suits our Arry just fine, especially with both being quite headstrong and intelligent.

Brienne of Tarth = Great Dane

a Great Dane running towards the camera

This tall and loyal warrior is a real hero in the series, despite all the sexism and ridicule she faces. Brienne of Tarth is an honourable woman who often towers over the people around her, so she’d be a Great Dane, of course.

Hodor = St. Bernard

a st. Bernard in the woodland

Hodor. Poor Hodor. Hodor is a character that bought so much joy while proving loyal. This gentle giant could be compared to a St. Bernard, providing safety to the young Stark boys just like the St. Bernard has been dubbed a nanny dog.

Cersei Lannister = Afghan Hound

an Afghan Hound in the forest

Say what you will about Cersei, she definitely has some negatives about her (some very big ones), but she sure is ambitious, strong-willed, self-confident and independent. The traits are shared by the Afghan Hound. It’s just a coincidence they have the same golden locks.

Tyrion Lannister = Jack Russell

a Jack Russell holding a stick in its mouth

Another firm favourite, the feisty Tyrion. Just like a Jack Russell, Tyrion is stubborn with a big personality who can get protective over the ones he loves.

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