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Guest Blog: Animal Defenders International

a lion on a rock

Our friend Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International, has written a blog about the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary they’ve set up in South Africa to be able to offer a home for the big cats they rescue.

After years of investing in habitats for animals rescued around the world, we decided last year that it was time for Animal Defenders International (ADI) to set up its own sanctuary. And, having cared for rescued big cats in South Africa for more than 20 years the country was a natural choice.

Purchasing the land in August 2018, the pace of development in setting up the new ADI Wildlife Sanctuary has been stunning. Our fortress of alarmed and electrified fencing is up, and we have built our first 14 lion habitats.

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary will provide a home to animals like tigers and lions

Providing a home where animals will experience true loving kindness for the rest of their lives, the lion habitats range in size from 2.5 acres to more than 8 acres – a wonderful space to roam. We have laid the pipes that will pump water into the self-filling water troughs in the enclosures, which also have day shelters and platforms for the lions to see the views, as well as solid brick-built night houses.

Reclaiming the land for nature, we have been planting our first trees and aim to plant many more for other parts of the sanctuary, previously cleared for farming.

Next steps are upgrading the sewer system and turning the large barn into our Operations Centre, a major construction project. Located in the main barn, a freezer, cool room and food preparation will be on one side and workshops, vehicle storage, hay and other equipment on the other.

Animal Defenders International helping enforce an animal circus ban

Our mission to help enforce Guatemala’s animal circus ban continues and we have recently removed another six tigers from a junkyard where they were living in one cage alongside wrecked vehiclesand machinery.  Just one circus with animals now remains.

These tigers, and at least six lions already rescued, are destined for our sanctuary. We hope to rescue at least two more lions and may need to offer homes for more tigers too.

The pace is intense, but the prize is huge and we are so grateful to Animal Friends Insurance, whose support will enable us to provide the veterinary checks and care the animals will need when they come to our sanctuary.

Click here to find out more about the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

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