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Customer Story – Mr Hampson and Hector

Hector Hampson

Mr Hampson and his dog Hector

Each month we decided it would be a lovely idea to look to our customers to share their own stories of their pets.

This month, we have Mr Hampson’s story of his much loved English Bull Terrier, Hector.  Hector unfortunately passed away recently, but here’s what his owner Mr Hampson had to say in fond remembrance of him:

Hector used to make me laugh everyday by some of the mad things he used to get up to. He loved company and loved his sofa – which became his bed.

When visiting my best friend he’d run like a loon and race towards the living room table (where my best friend used to keep his sweets) to check it out for sweets. He’d then dart into the kitchen and sit in front of the cupboards knowing full well that his dog biscuits were in there.

When going to see my Dad he’d jump on the sofa and sit across his legs.  He adored my dad and Dad loved him back.  Well, ‘til I’d finished my cup of tea and he’d sit and wait ‘til I topped up his water with tea.

He loved his garden too. He’d often run around in circles, jumping up and down and come flying past me – missing me by inches.

Hector Hampson laying down

He did this once in the park when it was freezing cold.  He tried to stop but slid on the ice and went flying into my legs, knocking me on my backside on the ice.  I couldn’t get up for laughing at him.

Hector was white but over the years he got black spots on him.  He had a circle of circles on his tummy.  He got attacked when he was about three years old and he lost part of his ear.  He took it in his stride and got on with it.

He was extremely stubborn but totally adorable with it.  Typical English Bull Terrier.  I think his favourite thing to do was sleep.  He loved his sleep.  When he was poorly I used to allow him to go to sleep on my king-sized bed and he used to take over – often pushing me off on to the floor whilst he snored away.
He loved his food (and most of mine).  Never known a dog to eat carrots, potato and brussels sprouts.  Hector loved it all.

Hector Hampson food

He saved me from my own demons.  When I was upset he’d get up from his bed and come and sit with me ‘til he knew I was OK.  Then he’d get back on the sofa and sleep for England.

I couldn’t have asked for such a loyal dog.  Greatly missed by us all.

I have seen and paid a deposit on a new English Bull Terrier puppy called Hugo.  He’s only four weeks old at the moment and I pick him up on the 31st January 2016.  Hugo will never replace Hector.  But I’m so looking forward to bringing him back to his new home.  One thing I can say is this: I won’t be insuring Hugo with anybody but Animal Friends.  Outstanding customer services.  10/10 for me.

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