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Houseplants that are safe for pets

Houseplants spruce up any space, from a boring office to a plain living room and that’s not the only benefit they offer, either. If you take care of them, they will take care of you, too. From reducing stress levels and boosting your mood to simply purifying the air around you, everyone should have a plant or two in their home.

Some plants are toxic to cats and dogs, so before heading out to the nearest garden centre to start creating the indoor jungle you want to make sure you don’t buy one that could put your pet at risk.

So, here’s a list of our favourite, interesting houseplants that are safe for pets.

Spider plant

If you’re looking for a plant that’s easy to look after which you can sometimes to forget to water, then look no further. The spider plant can often thrive in a wide range of light, moisture and soil conditions.

While they can be grown in pots, a hanging basket might be safer if you have a cat so that you avoid any tipping catastrophes, especially as they sprout baby spider plants that your cat might be tempted to play with.

Rattlesnake plant

A houseplant that’s a bit fussier about its home than the spider plant as it likes it warm, needs to be potted in slightly sandy soil and isn’t keen on direct sunlight. But, it’s pet-friendly and looks awesome.

Boston fern

Moving away from plants named after animals, the Boston fern is a symbol of sincerity with air-purifying properties, making it a brilliant addition to any home. These are brilliant in the bathroom as they thrive on humidity!


It’s best to research each species, but most orchids are harmless to pets and while they need more care than some house plants, they make beautiful gifts for fellow pet owners.

Bamboo palm

Buying a bamboo palm will provide an instant tropical vibe to any room, and it doesn’t require a lot of care either. As long as you water it every week or two, keep it out of direct sunlight and keep an eye on the size of its pot, it’ll do just fine.

When buying plants from responsible sources, they’ll usually come with an information card so you can learn how to take care of it and whether it’s a toxic plant. If not, you might be surrounded by other plant-lovers or simply have a quick search on the internet.

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