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How Joii Pet Care helped Andrea and Alfie

Andrea lives with her eight year old cats, Alfie and Spike. Andrea brought the cats to live with her after their previous owners could no longer keep them. She recently used the online veterinary app, Joii, which is a free service offered as part of her cat insurance policy with Animal Friends Insurance. Andrea explains how using Joii helped Alfie.

“Alfie is a sensitive soul, especially when it comes to food. He can be very vocal if he doesn’t like something but loves a good fuss. Both Alfie and his brother Spike always run to the door when I come in from work just like dogs do but meowing and purring instead of barking!

One day I spotted the skin under Alfie’s chin had gone black, I worried about what it could be so

I searched online but couldn’t see any advice on how to stop Alfie scratching it, as it seemed to be getting worse. My vets are only seeing emergency cases at the moment and even though they offered a video consultation, it would be the same cost as a face to face appointment at around £45. I don’t drive, so I’d also have to pay for a taxi to the vets on top of that if he needed to be seen.

I’ve had Alfie insured with Animal Friends for the past 9 months, so I downloaded the Joii app and registered via my insurance details which gives me full access, for free. It was really easy, I kept thinking when am I going to find out “the catch” but registering and downloading the app really was trouble free.

I used the app from my phone and was able to upload photos of Alfie’s chin beforehand so the vet could take a look and was put into a virtual waiting room with less than a 10 minute wait. I explained the symptoms via a vet video call, and she asked to see Alfie “live”, so I put him in front of the camera so she could see him and his chin and overall skin and health.  She gave me good advice and top tips on how to manage the condition and explained thoroughly what I needed to do and the medication he would need. She even gave me tips on how to make his medication last longer.

“I’d recommend Joii through Animal Friends to any pet owner…”

The Joii vet then sent a summary of the appointment with the suggested medication (special wipes and a gel product) via email which I received about 15 minutes after the consultation finished. The email came with an attachment to purchase the products directly from Joii and I thought the medication might be overpriced. I was surprised that wasn’t the case. You didn’t have to buy the medication from them at all, and in fact I searched the internet for the medication to see if I could get it cheaper elsewhere but the products were cheaper by a couple of pounds to buy direct from Joii, so that is what I did. They were delivered the very next day, so less than 24 hours since the vet video call.

I’d recommend Joii through Animal Friends to any pet owner, and I will keep the app on my phone just in case, especially as Alfie hates being locked in his box to go to the vets. Having access to Joii will save lots of stress and worry for both me and my cats.”

Get free and instant access to qualified vets through the Joii app for all Animal Friends dog and cat policyholders. Find out more here: https://www.animalfriends.co.uk/joii/


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