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How to soothe your pet during a thunderstorm

We read the papers and watch the news to receive any updates on glorious heatwaves or weather warnings. The same can’t be said about our pets. While some say they can sense a storm looming, this early warning system doesn’t make things any easier for them once the thunder’s rumbling.

Astraphobia is a fear of thunder and lightning, where cats and dogs may exhibit severe anxiety during storms. While some pets will be too frantic and overwhelmed to be settled by distractions, but there are a few things that can help keep some entertained as the storm rages on outside.

Techniques to help calm your pet

Unlike Bonfire night, you’re unable to book time away in a cottage in the countryside to avoid the local firework displays as storms happen through all the different seasons with no specific date or time. Here are some things to try with your pet.

Be at home with your pet

The most important way you can help reassure your pet is by being with them! Your presence can help with your pet’s anxiety as they can find having company quite calming in such situations. If you’re out and about as a storm looms, try and get home to be with your pet.

Stay calm around your pet

Even if you’re scared, too, try and stay as calm as you can. Your pet can quickly pick up on your fear and unease which can make their anxieties worse. Speaking to your cat or dog in a happy and playful voice can help boost their confidence, too.

Close the windows and curtains

Closing all the windows, doors and curtains as well as disabling cat flaps can help reduce the noise from outside and keep your pet safe and sound inside, too.

Look into pet garments

There are certain shirts and wraps specifically designed for anxious cats and dogs that can help during thunderstorms. Said to have a calming effect like swaddling a baby, these snug-fitting garments might be worth a try if your pet is suffering every time it thunders.

Offer a safe place for your pet

If your dog uses a crate or your cat loves to hide in their climbing tower, then these might make the perfect safe place for your pet to shelter during the storm. Adding their favourite toys or blanket can help create a safe and cosy environment for them, too.

You could also build a den for your pet to hide in.

Play some calming music

While an action-packed film on the highest volume on the TV can add to your pet’s stress, playing some calming music to block out the noise of the thunder might help calm your pet.

If your worried or concerned about the behaviour your pet exhibits during a storm, then you might want to talk to your vet. Why not share your ideas on how to soothe your pet during a thunderstorm on our Facebook and Twitter pages?

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