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How to stop your dog running poo in the house

Dogs love to surprise us humans with their quirks and pet peeves, but there’s nothing more worrying than being able to smell dog poop without knowing where it’s coming from. It’s almost inevitable that one day, your dog, will step in something they shouldn’t and bring it into the house to share with everyone.

Here are some ways to avoid a poogate incident in your house.

Keep track of them

If your dog disappears into the next room or they’re acting a little shifty, they might be or already had a sneaky toilet break. This can be disastrous if you don’t notice straight away and they accidentally step in it…

Check their paws

Anytime your dog’s been out into the garden, make sure to check their paws in case they’ve stepped in their muck and they’re on their way to spread it around the house.

Pick up the dog poop

It’s easy to forget about all the excrement that’s in your garden or slacking on the poo pickups because of the damp days, but it’s an important part in eliminating poop from the house.

Keep the litter tray out of reach

If you live in a multi-pet household, you’ll want to make sure you keep your cat’s litter tray is out of your dog’s reach. This will help stop a variety of unwanted behaviour from your pooch and is safer, too… plus zoomies and litter trays are not a great combination!

Keep your dog confined

This one sounds a lot worse than it is. All we mean is that you keep your dog in a crate or specific room when you’re out of the house or sleeping at night. This way you know your pet (and their poo) can’t cause too much mess.

If your dog is suddenly soiling in the house, it could be because of a medical condition or due to stress and anxiety. If you are concerned about a change in your pet’s behaviour then don’t hesitate to contact the vet.

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