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How to take awesome autumn pictures of your dog

Taking the perfect photo of your dog can often be a challenge, especially when they don’t want to sit still or can quickly lose interest if there’s no edible gain, and their autumnal adventures can go undocumented.

There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of capturing a brilliant snap time and time again. Here are our top tips on how to take awesome autumn pictures of your dog.

Location, composition, lighting

A dark forest on a gloomy day won’t work as well as an open field with a little cloud coverage, so just consider your location. The location can provide two things that you need to consider, a beautiful backdrop and good lighting.

This is the case for indoor photos, too. If there’s a spot where the golden rays of the setting sun hit and you want to capture a photo of your dog in the beautiful lighting, then why not move their bed where you need it, let them get comfy, and get snapping.

Location is also important when it comes to your dog’s coat in terms of contrast. A dark dog will be hard to see against a dark background, whereas a lighter dog won’t come out well when the sun’s too bright.

Overcast days are best for outdoor photos of your dog, whereas a sunny day will light up a room for those indoor photos. Autumn days experience less sunshine than the height of summer, with the sun lower in the sky – so you may be able to use this to your advantage when lighting your shot.

Think about your viewing angle

Different angles will work for different photos, depending on what you want to capture. Don’t be scared to move around and find the right angle, our photographer often gets on his tummy to capture a dog at their level and they turn out great. Seeing the world from your dog’s perspective can produce an amazing photo.

Use props

Get your dog to pose next to a couple of pumpkins or place a fallen leaf on their forehead. This will help capture the magic of autumn and will help your photos stand out from those taken earlier in the year.

Use treats to direct your dog

If your dog is just too quick, then why not offer a treat? This is an easy way to get your dog to look at the camera, but don’t forget to reward them the treat you promised.

Never give up!

You might not get the perfect photo on your first outing, so don’t get frustrated. Just keep trying, new walks offer new opportunities. If it’s proving to be a struggle then why not take this time to train your dog, and before you know it, you’ll have a pooch that’ll pose on demand… or when there are treats at least.

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