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Jasper the Greyhound: Too Lazy to Find a Forever Home?

Jasper the Greyhound: Too Lazy to Find a Forever Home

Dogs can be stubborn at the best of times, but lazy a Greyhound named Jasper is pushing those boundaries.

The ex-Irish racer has always been too busy snoozing when people come to visit and with just 3 short years behind him, prospective families and homes looking for the perfect dog to fit within their family are really missing a trick!

Jasper has been up for adoption for 6 months and the Dogs’ Trust estimate that over 2,000 people have been believed to walk past him when they visit the kennels in Snetterton, Norfolk – all because he’s too busy sleeping.

jasper lazy greyhound 3

‘A fun-loving affectionate lad’

Laura Murphy from the Dogs’ Trust said, “I’ve never met a dog who sleeps as much as Jasper. He is a real character, and when he is awake, is a sweet-natured, fun-loving affectionate lad who adores people and playing games”.

It’s a common myth that greyhounds, especially ex-racers, require a lot of exercise in order to release all of their built-up energy in their long and athletic bodies, but it is infact simply not true.

Greyhounds are some of the laziest dog breeds around and require short bursts of activity and exercise throughout the day – not long and tedious walks that many people assume.

Many people believe that ex-racers are not suitable pets, especially in homes with small children and other dogs, because their large slim frame can cause problems in a crowded place.

The gentle giants are, however, well suited to family homes and are the prime candidate for someone looking to give a dog a forever home.

Jasper is the perfect example to demonstrate this; he enjoys playing games with his friends but loves nothing more than curling up in his bed and catching up on some extra sleep!
jasper lazy greyhound 2

Rehoming a rescue dog

There are many dogs in kennels all over the UK that desperately need new homes, but often come with their own quirks and potential behavioural issues. Although shelters provide an excellent place for a dog to get looked after, it’s not the ideal environment for them to thrive.

When looking to rehome a rescue dog, it’s important to have a detailled chat with a rehoming shelter about the dog that they think would best suit your home and lifestyle. You never know – Jasper could be your perfect fit!

Rehoming Jasper

Jasper would love nothing more than curling up on a bed and snoozing the day away, which is one of the main reasons he’s often overlooked when people visit the rehoming centre.

jasper lazy greyhound

Rather than excitedly wagging his tail and showing off new tricks to his potential owners like other dogs in the kennel, Jasper would much rather curl up in his bed and catch some extra Z’s!

We insure thousands of rescue pets that have settled in perfectly to their new homes – you’d think they’d have been there forever.

If you’d like to give Jasper a forever home, contact the Dogs’ Trust shelter today and enquire about visiting him. If you’re really lucky, you might catch him just before he nods off!

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