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Lockdown tips for dogs & cats

The country is going through something our generations have never quite experienced before, and the circumstances are unfamiliar for our pets too. Your cat or dog is probably completely oblivious to the goings-on of the outside world and for the time being, they might think you’re on one of those random holidays you sometimes take at random times of the year.

As time goes on, and you’re still on lockdown they might start asking questions and wanting their old routines back but for now, they’re just happy to have you around.

Whatever your situation might be during this tough time, you might be wondering how to keep your cat or dog entertained and happy while everyone is stuck at home. Here are some awesome ideas on how to help keep your sanity while spending all day with your kitty or pooch.

Make the most of your one exercise a day

If you’re working from home, or find yourself stuck for things to do during the day, try to make the most of the one exercise you’re allowed a day? The Government advises to use local open spaces where possible, but if you own a dog then you probably already know the best places to walk that will provide you with enough distance from other dog owners.

This walk will work wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing as well as help ensure your pooch’s exercise needs are met.

Put some time aside for training

The time at home with your kitty or pooch can be used to keep on top of their training. This can keep your pet entertained, exercised, and well-behaved! Whether it’s a quick refresh on manners or learning a new trick altogether, there are plenty of training activities to help pass the time as you both stay at home.

Spend some quality time together

If your cat or dog likes to curl up next to you on the sofa, then let them. Why not enjoy a dog-friendly podcast on Spotify, binge on a boxset together, or simply enjoy some quality time relaxing with each other?

We must all have a book or two that was bought with the best intentions of reading but has been gathering dust since it left the shop and there is no better company to read a book in than that of our pet.

Help spread the cheer

The nation is truly coming together to help neighbours, friends, family, and key workers get through life’s current challenges and hardship. You’ve probably seen all of the new lockdown trends, and you can get your pet involved in spreading some cheer to those who might need it.

Get crafty and make a rainbow with your pet that can be displayed in your window. All you’ll need is some paper, pet-friendly paint and a bit of patience.

If you’re having to now join video meetings with your workplace, get your cat or dog to say hello and watch as you spread instant happiness to your colleagues in their makeshift offices and workspaces.

Donate to an animal charity

Unfortunately, due to the social distancing guidelines and for the safety of workers, volunteers and the general public, a lot of animal charities have had to close their doors to those looking to adopt or rescue for the time being. While it’s a time of uncertainty for a lot of people, a small donation or purchase from a charity’s wish list can help them care for the animals whose quest of finding their forever home is now on hold.

This can also help ease the pressures of staff and volunteers who might have had to cancel a lot of the charity’s fundraising events until the current pandemic is over and the lockdown has ended.

Download the Joii Pet Care app

It’s easy to think that you can’t take care of your pet properly during the lockdown and with the social distancing guidelines in place, but the Joii Pet Care app lets you do that from the comfort of your own home.

The app provides you with a free symptom checker or video call with a vet nurse. If you need to speak to a vet, a consultation will normally cost £20, but if you have an Animal Friends policy this service is free for you to use whenever and wherever you need it.

While the lockdown is something that’s never been quite experienced by our generations before, we can definitely take advantage of the opportunities it creates for us and our pets. How are you spending lockdown with your cat or dog? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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