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Our Animal Friends: Misty Moo and Ginger Ninja

Ginger Ninja & Misty Moo

Your name and department: Sianne in Sales

Your pet’s names: Misty Moo and Ginger Ninja

How old are they: They are both 3 years and 9 months old

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

What do they look like: Misty Moo is black and white. She has a half white and half black face with a Harry Potter-like scar above her right eye. Ginger Ninja is ginger and white, with a half ginger and half white face.

Misty Moo & Ginger Ninja

What are their favourite…  

Toys: They both love their little feather cat nip filled mice, these never last long as they pull the feathers out! Misty Moo also loves to play fetch with my hair ties. I have to throw them for her and she runs and picks them up but then drops them again. She’s not very good at bringing them all the way back.

Food: Ginge will eat anything and everything that is put down in front of him. Misty Moo however is not a simple cat… she’s a little picky and likes to change her mind on the food she eats! She will eat a brand of food for so long, and then will suddenly change her mind.

Things to do: Misty Moo loves to sleep and catch things that she shouldn’t! Where as Ginger Ninja loves to sleep and chase his sister! He also loves to have his tummy rubbed and brushed. It makes him fall asleep. Ginger Ninja is also a massive ‘snuggler’ it takes less than 30 seconds for you to sit down before he is on your lap.

Tell us a bit more about them: The day I went to choose one cat to take home I found Misty Moo snuggled in to her mum and brother. Her eyes got me so she and her brother both came home with us. Ginge likes to go hunting for mice, but he brings them home for Misty instead, he sits like a king and meows really loudly to let her know.

Has your pet ever had an illness, accident or injury? In about October 2015, Ginge had a very swollen face. Not sure how it had happened we took him to the vets where he was given injections and a health check over. Everything is all OK now though and he is back to his naughty self. As for Misty Moo, fingers crossed so far she is a happy and healthy little cat.                                                       Ginger Ninja and Misty Moo as Kittens


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