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National Marine Week – Charity spotlight

It’s fair to say that the oceans make it into the news every week, more and more awareness is being raised of the impact of our waste on our seas, and more and more people are condemning companies that hold whales and dolphins captive. And rightfully so. National Marine Week has also made an appearance in the news, calling for people to come together and celebrate all things marine.

When is National Marine Week?

Despite its name, it will last 15 days from July 27 to August 11, with plenty of events and activities to take part in across the country. It’s worth a look to see what’s happening around you, even if you don’t live near the coast.

Charities we’ve helped

Even with events like these and so many charities and organisations fighting for our oceans and the amazing creatures that call the sea their home, there is still a lot of work to do. Here at Animal Friends, we donate to charities around the world, from farm animal sanctuaries to helping dogs and cats at our local rehoming centre, and various ocean-related charities.

We though National Marine Week would be a great opportunity to showcase just some of the work these amazing charities do.

mako shark in the ocean

The Shark Trust

The Shark Trust is constantly fighting to create a positive change for sharks with a mission of safeguarding the future of sharks through science, education, influence and action.

One of our employees took part in the Bristol Nightrider 2019 cycle ride for The Shark Trust, cycling 50km through the amazing city and its iconic landmarks, and up its hills. All worth it for such an amazing charity that works globally to protect sharks.

An amazing mako shark sculpture takes pride in our offices, too, that we received from The Shark Trust following a donation. It’s beautiful, just look at it.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whale and Dolphin Conservation carry out some vital work, fund research and conservation projects and work with the local communities to protect whales and dolphins across the globe and the places they live.

Earlier this year we took part in WDC’s Gamers 4 Orcas, where Animal Friends staff gamed for up to 24 hours. There was a lot of sugar and food involved but we knew it was all towards a good cause and it’s something we’d do again next year!

We were also lucky enough to go and visit WDC up in Scotland recently, but there’ll be a blog all about it coming soon. It was such a privilege to see the team at work and we even got to see some dolphins!

So, whether you live in Cornwall, Lincolnshire, Swansea or Ulster take a look at what National Marine Week activities are going on around you. Perfect to entertain the kids and tire out a dog.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more charity visits, product reviews and pet advice or head over to our Facebook page for updates on our latest campaigns and giveaways.

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