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National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day so to celebrate, here are some interesting facts you may not know about puppies:

  1. They only listen to the first syllable of their name, regardless of how long the name is.
  2. If you have a cross or mix breed and aren’t sure exactly how large your tiny puppy will grow up to be, have a look at their paws. Larger paws may indicate a greater height or weight.
  3. Like human babies, Chihuahuas are born with a small hole or soft spot in the back of their skull. This is because the plates of the skull have not completely fused together, but the hole naturally closes as the Chihuahua grows. They are the only dog breed to possess this trait.
  4. A puppy’s nose print is the same as a human fingerprint, in that every individual dog’s is unique.
  5. Puppies are born without teeth, just like human babies. However, they develop their first set a lot earlier at around four weeks old, and they also lose them a lot sooner at around four months old when their adult teeth begin to grow.
  6. Young puppies can think a human is being aggressive if they show their teeth when they smile.
  7. Dalmatian puppies are completely white when they are born. Their characteristic breed trait is due to skin pigmentation spots that the puppies are born with, which begin to show two to three weeks after birth. The spots don’t have any stray white hairs in them, and they are either entirely brown or black.
  8. Puppies don’t know how to walk straight away, just like human babies. They begin trying between two and five weeks, initially falling down as they find their feet.
  9. Born with their eyes closed, puppies only open them about nine to twelve days after.
  10. If a male and female dog and their puppies were never neutered, they could produce over 66,000 dogs in six years.
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