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Elena Barnard

Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Flo the French Bulldog

Your name and department: Sophie – Customer Service

Your pet’s name: Flo

How old is she: Approximately 2 years

Breed: French Bulldog – Brindle colour

What does she look like: In our words a “Bat pig” as she has stuck up ears with one slightly bent at the top and she likes to snort a lot!

Flo the French Bulldog

What is her favourite…

Toy: A dog “pretend” wooden stick and her sheepy

Food: Chicken

Thing to do: Sleep and walk on the beachFlo the French Bulldog

Tell us more!

I have countless small stories and don’t think I can pick a favourite one. She has been extremely healthy since we have had her since a puppy.  She has only ever had an ear infection – after she fell in the sea at the beach by accident! And she also swallowed one of my trainer socks which she managed to bring back up!

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    Hello, fellow animal lovers! I’m Elena, and I take care of social media for Animal Friends Insurance. I’m here to share the latest on animal welfare, our charity work and pet care. I foster and adopt rabbits and have a rescue dog called Luna.