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Gus the Cat’s First Pawpost Box

On Friday evening Asparagus, or Gus for short, met me at the door as per usual to greet me on my return from work. It became apparent rather quickly that it was not really me he was interested in, but the fishy smell coming from the box under my arm. Gus knew almost immediately the ‘Pawpost’ box was something for him! We examined the contents together and it was the catnip toys that first grabbed his attention. I think Gus is a pretty typical 6 month old kitten, he is very playful and inquisitive when it comes to new toys. That is until something better comes along, which usually happens within the first five minutes. Not the catnip mouse! This provided him, and us, with at least an hour’s entertainment. I have tried catnip with previous cats and they have been surprisingly underwhelmed. Gus was hooked from the word go. After we had gone to bed we could still hear him in the living room below us bouncing off of the walls.

There were several treat items in his ‘Pawpost’. Gus is a greedy cat, he sits staring at you while you eat hoping he might pick up a titbit here or there. We never give him human food but he lives in hope. Therefore it was great to have a variety of Thrive and Applaws treats to tempt him with that were healthy so we don’t have to look at those “puss in boots” eyes and feel guilty. His favourites were the Thrive chicken treats; he has always had a weakness for poultry. But without much tempting he was prepared to give the white fish and the Applaws tuna loin a go. He was soon licking his lips!

The slim cat ball seemed like an excellent idea, I have come across similar products that I have used for my horses, but hadn’t considered it for a cat. It is a ball with adjustable holes so that food comes out of them when the ball is moved. It was appealing as he has started to get a little rotund since having the snip. He also spends quite a bit of time alone during the day so I figured it may give him something to occupy his time other than knocking books from shelves and destroying toilet rolls! To start with he did play with the ball but he didn’t really understand the purpose, other than it being another new toy. When he discovered that food was coming out, it became a whole other matter. He very quickly realised that he didn’t have to push it too far for tasty morsels to be deposited on the floor. Perhaps I needed to adjust the setting as by the time I got home from work at lunch time on Saturday it was empty! As previously mentioned, he is very greedy and even though the ball was empty I think it probably slowed him down, whereas normally he inhales his food.

We were very impressed with Gus’ first ‘Pawpost’ and I’m positive its monthly arrival will bring endless entertainment and a full stomach for a while to come. And then, when the food was eaten and the toys were played with, he was quite happy to curl up in the brown cardboard box that it arrived in!

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