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Pet activity trackers and everything you need to know

Pet activity trackers and everything you need to know

Pet activity trackers pretty much do what it says on the tin, tracks your pet’s activity. Depending on the specific tracker, some can tell you whether your pet is receiving enough exercise, drinking enough water or burning enough, or too many, calories. You might have a Fitbit around your wrist, your pet would wear an activity tracker on their collars.

How do pet activity trackers work?

As they’re a wearable tech for your pets you’ll need to attach it to your pet’s collar. You’ll need to download a tracker-specific app on your phone (check that the tracker is compatible with your phone’s make and model before buying) and connect to the gadget using Bluetooth.

All the data gathered by the tracker will be uploaded onto the app, so you can make sense of it all and get an understanding on what exactly your pet gets up to while you’re out and about.

Are they sleeping or are they exploring the house?

Some trackers will even track your pet using GPS. So, if your pet was to stray you’ll be able to log into your app and see what they’re up to and where they’re hiding.

Pet activity trackers and everything you need to know 1

What are the perks of a pet activity tracker?

With the data it collects about your pet you’ll be able to see if your pet is getting enough sleep, stimulation, some will even notify you if any of your pet’s behaviour can be viewed as out of character or something to be concerned about.

Small and sleek. Pet trackers are lightweight and fit most collars, so no cat or dog needs to miss out.

Batteries usually last a long, long, time. Some even last up to a year. After that, some might need recharging while others will need to be replaced if they’re powered by a coin cell battery.

Splashing is still okay. Most wearables are waterproof, to an extent! It’s best to check each tracker individually and compare their different waterproof ratings which are measured by using the IP (Ingress Protection) chart. So, you might find that your dog is still able to paddle in the river but won’t be able to go for lengthy swims in a hydrotherapy pool while wearing the tracker.

What are the cons of a pet activity tracker?

Some models can be quite expensive, especially if you have multiple pets. You don’t have to buy them all at once and they should be a one-off purchase.

As some trackers use GPS to be able to track your pet you might incur some charges through your mobile phone network service. It might be worth spending the extra few pounds a month if you’re able to track the location of your pet if the worst was to happen.

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