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Pet Star Signs – how compatible are you and your pet?

So, our star signs have changed. Or have they? This story seems to resurface every couple of years, causing people to panic and wonder if the shift in the signs explains why they didn’t really identify with what they had been assigned by the stars.

Don’t worry, though, astrologers have said that this shift makes no difference to the “tropical zodiac”, the system used in the West and it’s not actually affected by changes in constellations. Yay! So, you have the same star sign that you always have, unless you follow a different Zodiac.

So, with all the confusion now a little less confusing (we hope!), we take a look at how compatible you and your pet might be based on their star sign.


Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, a planet bright and burning. This makes any Aries cat or dog a force to be reckoned with. They are confident, strong, energetic and a little impatient. These pets are often independent meaning they might ignore a command (or ten) thinking they know better, but don’t take it personally.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and gentleness. These pets often need to be surrounded by their family, meaning they can be quite needy pooches. Your love will be paid back with devotion, patience and loyalty. They can be testing at times, expecting things to go their way or the highway. You might find that Taurus cats and dogs hate loud noises like thunderstorms or the hoover.


Gemini is characterised by the twins which are ruled by the planet Mercury. This means they’re known to have two different sides displayed to the world. They can be gentle and boisterous, curious and shy, affectionate and aloof. They can be quite indecisive animals, so persistent training is key with lots of treats as rewards for good behaviour.


Cancerians belong to the water element of the zodiac, ruled by the moon. Cancer pets are often loving, sweet-natured and loyal. These pets are the ones you turn to first meaning they probably know all your secrets but would never tell a soul even if they could. Cancer dogs love water (sometimes even the cats do!) but they can be quite wary of strangers in and around the home so take introductions at your pet’s pace.


A Leo’s sign is a lion which is ruled by the sun meaning it is an element of fire. They have lots of energy to burn and lots of love to give. The cats and dogs are passionate, generous and loyal. These pets love nothing more than being outside whether this is lazing in the garden or going on long and wonderful adventures, they’re up for it all!


Virgo is ruled by the planet of intellect, Mercury. Pets born under Virgo are hardworking but practical. They love routine and might not do well with change, so punctual mealtimes and walks are key with these pets to avoid disappointment.


Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus which makes these pets a little indecisive at times and they really really hate being alone. They like to keep the peace wherever possible, avoiding conflict any way they can. They can be quite difficult to train, too, but don’t lose your patience and keep at it as loving and gentle discipline will help them feel secure and pique their interest in whatever trick your teaching.


Passionate, independent and brave, these pets are ruled by the planet Pluto. This means they crave structure, are influential over those around them, robust and intuitive making them great leaders and the best of friends. They do like structure and will often remember when they’ve been wronged, so be sure not to break any promises, feed them at the wrong time, or take them for walks later than usual.


Sagittarius cats and dogs are ruled by the planet Jupiter and have independent and strong-willed personalities. This doesn’t mean they don’t like the company of humans and other pets, though. They will often enjoy following you around the house and beg for some attention in the form of grooming or playing with their favourite toys.


A Capricon’s sign is the goat which is ruled by the planet Saturn. These pets are often calm and serious with a mind of their own. They like a slower life but if they’re given something to do, they’ll get the job done. They might often think that they know it all which sometimes makes them quite stubborn pets.


Aquarius pets are ruled by the planet Uranus, making them quite unpredictable. They can be quiet and shy one minute and quickly change to eccentric and energetic characters. While they’ll often do what they want to do, when they want to do it, they do love to love their owners and family. You might often find them daydreaming, lost in their own little world somewhere far from where they are.


Pisces is a water sign that falls under the planet Neptune. You might see your Piscean pet showing signs and characteristics of other zodiac signs but are often sweet and peaceful animals. These cats and dogs are intuitive animals, often sensing when you’re feeling down and will try their hardest to cheer you up.

Remember, all pets are different and often don’t follow what their star sign says. They will look to you and their extended family for guidance, training and love and who could say no to that?

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