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Pets and Barbecues

pets and barbecues

Barbecues are a traditional part of the British summer, and some of you may already be planning one of your own. Spending time cooking with your family in the garden and exploring new flavours is great fun. However, if you’re a pet owner you need to keep a few safety tips in mind while you’re grilling up a feast as pets and barbecues can be a risky mix.


It’s tempting to slip some scrap meat to your pet under the table at the best of times. Feeding your dog table scraps is never the best idea, and as barbecue fare is usually fatty, salty and spicy this could cause an upset stomach, even when it is perfectly cooked. There is also the risk of them burning their mouths on hot food or getting food poisoning if it is undercooked.


Make sure you discard any leftover food, bones and rubbish into a lidded dustbin. Dangerous food items include things like corn on the cob cores, which require surgical removal if swallowed, or bones which are a choking hazard.

Lighter fluid

Lighter fluid can prove fatal if ingested and, obviously, it is flammable so it shouldn’t be spilled. Keep it well out of the way of pets who could knock it over or drink it.


Hair burns very easily, and very quickly, so your pets could be at risk of severe burns from even small sparks and embers. From the moment you light the barbecue you should make sure your pets maintain a safe distance from it. It’s also important to bear in mind that a barbecue could still be very hot hours after you’ve finished with it.


You probably already know to put sun protection on when you spend lots of time outdoors, but it’s not just people who are susceptible to sunburn. You can find pet-friendly sunscreen online or at larger pet stores.

Glassware and crockery

Drinking vessels and plates can be easily smashed and the clean-up can be trickier on rough or uneven surfaces, such as those you encounter outdoors. Consider fun, plastic containers which are smash-proof.

Barbecues are a ton of fun but it is always important to put safety first.


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