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Product Review: FitBark

Product Review: FitBark

We received a super swanky new product to review! The Fitbark monitors your dog’s everyday activity, rest and sleep via an app on your phone. It is able to detect unusual behavior (great to show the vet) and helps us to motivate both ourselves and our pet’s activity!

The Fitbark is available in 5 cool colours catering to all pooches personalities. Ours came in ‘Life of the party blue’ which we love! Dave our favorite Golden retriever was as always, available to help out reviewing the Fitbark, being the playful puppy that he is we were excited to see if the Fitbark would be able to keep up!


Pet score: 3/5


Well for Dave he didn’t notice much difference, the Fitbark is small, light and fits onto most collars and is almost undetectable to dogs, he did however have problems trying to use the phone to set it up as his paws are just to big! As the Fitbark monitors the amount of activity, we were keen to see how well it picked it up Dave’s movement, therefore we were throwing toys, chasing Dave and walking around the field to see the activity on our screens.

Ease of use: 4/5


Set up was incredibly simple plug in and charge for 90mins and then you are good to go. Download the free app on to your IOS or Android and the app literally tells you what to do! So simple and easy. To attach the Fitbark you simply need your standard dogs collar (no thicker than 30mm) and loop the rubber bands around it! You are now ready to go!


Effectiveness: 4/5


The Fitbark was incredibly effective, we were able to monitor Dave’s movement off of our phone, seeing when he rests and picking up on his routine. It encouraged us to interact more with Dave as the Fit Bark gives hits and tip on how to increase activity and notifications for even more encouragement!

Value for money: 3/5


The Fitbark is priced at £59.95 and has free delivery to the UK, this can be ordered either through the fit bark website or on Amazon. Our only complaint is that as the Fitbark came from Kansas there was a small customs fee to pay this wasn’t too much however it was unexpected (this is highlighted on their website) Also if you are looking to save a few pennies, the website offers an option to buy refurbished, minor aesthetic or packaging defect models. These still come with the full 1-year warranty which is pretty good.

Design: 5/5


From the box to the product itself the Fitbark has been beautifully designed. Small, compact and light it isn’t too big or too small for any dog. Having the option of different colours is super cool and the small bone design is really cute. The Fitbark is also waterproof (ensuring that the rubber seal is fully over the back before submerging) it has a one metre depth and can remain submerged for 30mins.



We (and Dave) are really impressed with this little gadget! It is so simple to use and set up. The app is straightforward and instructive it gives you step by step instructions during each stage of set up. Attaching it to the collar is easy and although it may seem that the rubber band is flimsy it is incredibly strong and durable, it is secure in attachment to the collar, even during more enthusiastic play! We love that we are able to track Dave’s activity and are found that it encouraged us to do more energetic activities to increase his score. Following this we became more conscious of the amount of exercise he needed in a day, thus making us more inclined to try and better our previous scores and recommended amount. Dave obviously enjoyed more interaction and in turn we really enjoyed getting more active ourselves because if it! Luckily Dave is a very healthy pup, but if Dave were to become unwell and his daily activity changed it would be really easy to detect and monitor. This is a really simple and effective gadget and we are really impressed with it. Two paws up from us! We love the Fitbark!



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