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Product Review: The Odin

Product Review: The Odin

We recently received the very aptly named ‘The Odin’ dog toy from Up Dog Toys. Just like Odin the Norse god, ‘The Odin’ could be considered the god off all dog toys! The Odin is able to disguise itself into any modern home without looking ghastly and out of place like some regular dog toys. It is modern sleek and cleverly designed in black rubber to stop it looking worn, even after being put through its paces by Dave our beautiful AFI Golden Retriever. As always, Dave was of course very keen to help out, especially as The Odin contained treats.  As with all reviews we have scored The Odin on Pet score, Ease of use, Value for money, Design and Effectiveness.


Pet score: 5/5


Well, The Odin looks very different to the standard dog toy type, it is multifaceted and in a very stylish black rubber. Dave, our handsome product tester, did not care that The Odin wasn’t colorful like regular dog toys OR that it was multifaceted. Dave however did care that The Odin contained treats and that when thrown (thanks to its many facet’s) bounced sporadically making this very exciting for Dave. The Odin is able to release smaller treats as well as still holing the slightly larger ones making this more of a challenge to chew/shake them out. The geometric shape and random movement made The Odin fun and interesting, and to really mix it up you are able to connect them together keeping Dave well and truly entertained!

Ease of use: 5/5


Just like many other similar products, The Odin was very simple, pop the treats in the rubber holes and go! The holes on The Odin are all different sizes, therefore making play more interesting than just products of a similar nature.


Effectiveness: 4/5


The Odin’s effectiveness was demonstrated by the fact that Dave was chasing The Odin around for hours, jumping along with it and barking with glee! We found that using different sized treats it encouraged Dave to play more as the varying sized increased the entertainment.


Value for money: 4/5


The Odin is currently retailed at a respectable $24.00 US dollars (roughly £18.40) The Odin is strong, durable and is going to last a while by comparison to cheaper alternatives which in our opinion makes it worth the pennies. Only downside, is that it could get a little costly buying more than one to connect together.

Design: 5/5


The Odin is minimal and modern in design. It’s geometric shape almost looks more like an art piece than a dog toy! The colour is great and helps to keep the toy looking fresh even after a good chew and slobber session! The holes of The Odin well designed being different sizes too keeping any dog stimulated for a lengthy amount of time. As The Odin doesn’t look like an unsightly chewed up brightly coloured regular dog toy it is barely noticeable in most household settings making this a winner in our eyes! Happy dog and a happy home, perfect!

Conclusion: 9.2/10

In conclusion, we absolutely LOVE The Odin. We love the look of it, and the practicality of the design. This is one very well designed dog toy that has the perfect balance of chic for the home and entertaining for the dog! Dave adored The Odin! Dave’s Daddy has informed us that Dave love’s The Odin so much that he has hidden it in fear that it might be taken away (this is typical behavior for Dave’s favorite toys) safe to say The Odin is a hit… we just need to find it to add more treats!

Dave loved The Odin so much he wanted to write the review himself…



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