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Qtsy App Review – The Pocket Pet Show

Qtsy App Review - The Pocket Pet Show 2

Most pet owners will tell you their pets are the cutest ones, whether they are a perfect puppy, a snaggle-toothed senior cat or a lovely scruffy mutt. As a pet owner myself I personally believe that my small menagerie comprises the most adorable animals on the planet. However, for those who want to prove their point there is an app for that!

New app Qtsy has been masterminded by TV vet Joe Inglis, as a pocket pet show of sorts. I thought I’d give it a go, and try my luck with one of my furry friends!

The app is free to download from the App Store. It’s currently only available on iOS which might prove a disappointment to Android users, but there will be a Google Play version soon. When you first open the app you run through the sign-up process, which took me under a minute, and a little tutorial. The interface is very clean and easy to use, so even tech novices should be able to grasp it fairly quickly.

I decided to enter my youngest rabbit, Bellamy, into the “Cutest Rabbit” category. This is one of a few sponsored categories that promise the winners a prize. While having your pet crowned the cutest of hundreds is obviously an achievement in itself, a prize is very much the icing on the cake! The enrolment process is very simple, you just create a profile for your pet with a main image and some info, a bit like a basic social media profile. Once this is complete you can easily enter your pet into any relevant categories. You’re then given the option to share your entry on your social media in order to encourage your friends to join in.


As far as the voting goes, if you tap the “vote” icon at the bottom of the screen you are presented with three photos to choose from and the category is listed at the top. You simply pick your favourite and vote for them. One thing I like is the ‘levels’ system whereby, the more often you vote, the more weight your vote carries.

It is a slightly addictive app, even if you haven’t entered a pet of your own into the competition. After all, who needs an excuse to look at photos of adorable animals?



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