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Review: 1st Galaxy Quiet Fireworks

Review: 1st Galaxy Quiet Fireworks 4

Product Review: 1st Galaxy Fireworks

With firework night fast approaching as animal lovers we are always keen to find ways to reduce the stress an anxiety this causes for our pets. According to the RSPCA’s fireworks advice page, it is estimated that 45 per cent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. With this in mind we decided to look into ‘quiet fireworks’ as it is now possible to buy fireworks that are being marketed as silent or quiet. We wanted to investigate the real volume of these and whether they really make much difference. 1st Galaxy Fireworks kindly provided a large range of quiet fireworks for us to test out in our review.

With this review we did not use any of our Animal Friends pets as we did not know how ‘quiet’ they were going to be. For this reason we have taken our usual ‘pet score’ off the review chart.



Ease of use: 4/5

As with most fireworks they are pretty simple to light, the fuse is clearly marked and visible along with the clear individual instructions for each. We used a Portfire to light our fireworks as they have long handles to make them safer and are wind and rain resistant (perfect for typical British weather!)


Effectiveness: 3/5

So the most important part of this review where the fireworks quiet or silent?! Well, sadly no, they were not silent or particularly quiet, BUT they were considerably quieter than standard fireworks. The colours were just as vivid and the displays were beautiful. The pops, whizzes and bangs were slightly muffled but not quiet. We would certainly not recommend inviting your pets along to see them any time soon, however we would feel comfortable knowing that they are inside safe and less likely to disturbed!

Value for money: 4/5

We were sent a very large selection of fireworks from 1st Galaxy Fireworks, ranging in prices therefore able to suit all budgets great and small. At the moment there is a 10% off all fireworks so that certainly helps!

Design: 4/5

Packaging wise, fireworks looked like normal fireworks, brightly coloured and well labeled. The fireworks themselves were beautiful, the reduction in noise most certainly did not mean that it was a less impressive display! We loved them and there were still plenty of ooooos and ahhhhs!



In conclusion, as these are not quite as quiet as we were hoping, we would still recommend that you follow all your normal routines and that your pet is kept somewhere safe, secure indoors and is settled before lighting any fireworks outside. We think these quiet fireworks would also be great if you have very young children or elderly relatives, as they are quieter they have the additional benefit of reducing the fear factor for them too. We must stress that even though these fireworks are quieter than usual fireworks, we would certainly not recommend having your pets outside when setting them off. We very much enjoyed the beautiful fireworks we were sent, thank you 1st Galaxy Fireworks for sending them to us to review they were beautiful and the staff here at AFI all got to enjoy this product review!


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