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Smokie’s Story

Smokie's Story 2

Now and again our policyholders get in touch to tell us about their experience with our pet insurance, and some of the scrapes their pets get into. Smokie’s owner emailed in to tell us the remarkable story of their cat, who has definitely used up one of his nine lives! Please be advised, parts of this story might be a little gruesome for sensitive readers.

“Smokie went missing on the evening of the 1st October and we got in touch with Animal Friends thereafter, aware that you can help with costs when pets go missing. Knowing Smokie’s routine it was very unusual that he didn’t meet his feed times and we were already concerned. We put out posters and flyers and advertised in “Spotted in Dunstable”, Facebook, Twitter as well as advising vets and other media. On Friday evening 9th October we heard a tapping from the conservatory and on jumping up and investigating we found Smokie sitting on the decking tapping the cat flap, but not entering. I opened the door and bless him he had got home!

“Unfortunately, his rear leg was a mess, no broken skin, but definitely a severe trauma. We called a vet and took advice and made an appointment at 8am the next morning. That night we slept downstairs with Smokie, who seemed very happy to be home. On getting to the vets they put him on a drip, gave him pain relief and checked him out. X-rays weredone, and a severe break to his leg was discovered. We believe he was hit by a bus on the dedicated bus route (a changed disused railway line).

Smokie 1

“The vets think he would have gone in to shock and would have hidden under a bush for safety and in confusion, he could have been laying there for two or three days and would not have come out even if we walked straight past him calling him. In similar cases, most victims then die of starvation, shock, dehydration or the injuries sustained. Very few have the strength and ability to get themselves home. We have been told Smokie must have been really felt loved with us to make that journey, he must have crawled the distance home on his front legs as he couldn’t support his rear. The vets think he is not only a remarkable cat, but a true beauty and of brilliant temperament, though we knew that already!

“We had been warned off that in a joint 35 years of veterinary experience the vets haven’t seen such a determined, but injured cat survive this. He had lain in the grass long enough to be covered in fleas, and as he was such a poor state we were warned he might not pull through and at best may lose his leg. The Heath and Reach vets passed his details on to a specialist veterinary practice at Towcester and we transported him late Saturday evening after they had time to check his xrays. They subsequently operated on Smokie on the Sunday.

“They have saved his leg and have done a marvellous job.

Smokie 8

“I have rang in a couple of times to speak to your claims advisors and everything so far sounds fine, I have the claims form from the internet site as the one originally sent was for the reward and advertising, I obviously needed the one for the accident and veterinary care. I have filled out two sets, one for the first vets in Heath and reach, the second for the Towecester ones, I am waiting now for a phone call to go and collect him and not sure what onward care he still needs.

“I just want to say a big thank you so far. The procedures going through Animal Friends has been painless for us, unlike Smokie bless him.”

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