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Stroud Family Dog Mistakenly Rehomed

Stroud Family Dog Mistakenly Rehomed

The Lockwood family from West London came back from their holiday to find that their beloved pet, Chocolate, had gone missing from the family home while being cared for by a family friend.

The family later found out that Chocolate had been located on the same day he went missing, and he had been handed in to Hillingdon Council to be cared for in the kennels. Unfortunately, the Lockwood family didn’t microchip Chocolate or provide him with an ID tag, so the council workers couldn’t get in touch with his family to reunite them.

After Chocolate had been cared for by the council for the mandatory seven days, he was handed over to a charity and swiftly rehomed. Due to confidentiality reasons, the charity couldn’t pass the new owners contact details to the Lockwood family, and so Chocolate’s owners are pleading for the adopters to get in contact to arrange reunion.

Chocolate’s story reinforces the need for every pet owner to make sure their pet is microchipped and has a visible ID tag, something that unfortunately isn’t happening in every case. However, as of April 6th 2016, the UK Government have seen fit to make microchipping a mandatory law for every dog owner.

This new law is a big step in protecting the thousands of animals that are lost or stolen in the UK each year. The microchipping procedure is quick and relatively painless for your pet. Unlike ID tags and collars, which can get lost or be removed, the microchip is embedded into your pet’s skin, meaning that your details stay with them at all times.

The costs of getting your pet microchipped can vary, but it usually costs around £30. There are some charities that have started offering free microchipping and if you’ve rescued your pet, your adoption fee may cover microchipping.

We know how it important it is for pet owners to keep their furry friends safe, so make sure that by April this year, your pets are microchipped and fully protected!

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