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The Clam Review 1

The Clam Review

Here at Animal Friends, we are always on the look for new products to review. When we received The Clam we couldn’t wait to try it out! It’s perfectly designed to hide some treats between its two “shells”, which is closed with durable Velcro. It’s a simple yet clever concept that teaches forms of agility, flyball or a simple game of fetch. Let’s see what Marvel made of the Clam.

product review graphic for the clam

Pet Score 5/5

For Marvel the Clam is perfect. He loves a good game of fetch, so to have a treat when he retrieves the toy is his dream. And, this is exactly what the Clam provides. He’ll retrieve the Clam then push his nose into the small opening and munch on the treats. We tried it with a few other pooches, too, and they also approved. It keeps them happy in an office or a field!

Ease of Use 5/5

All you need to do is place a few treats between the two shells, make sure the velcro is linked closed and voila, it’s ready to go! Then, it’s up to you as to what you use it for. We’re sure that whether it a game of fetch, trick teaching, or some fun agility moves, your dog is bound to love the Clam.

Effectiveness 4/5

We think the Clam is highly effective. It makes fetch that little bit more interesting, providing an element of reward for your dog. Since they can reach the treats themselves it makes it that little more challenging to get them to retrieve the Clam for you to open and grant the kibble. It’s just the right size, not too big or too small, so you’re able to take it on walks. It’s durable, too, so it can take on the elements with your dog.

marvel enjoying some treats from the clam dog toy

Value for money 4/5


They’re currently retailing at £15.95 on the tug-e-nuff website. With postage of £2.95 (there are other options available) it brings the total to £18.90. Though this is quite pricey we do believe you’re buying a product that will last and provide you with hours of fun on walks. It provides plenty of motivation when training them and that itself is almost priceless. We think it’s worth it.

Design 5/5


It’s a simple design but it does what it needs to. It keeps those treats safe when throwing the Clam, and it results in a happy dog once the shells are opened. Available in two colours, orange and blue or pink and purple. It’s light so perfect for throwing. The fabric is durable so it can get as dirty and wet as your dog and still be okay for the next walk.

Overall, it’s a great little product. We believe it’s a must have for the collection of toys. Tug-e-nuff were nice enough to provide a Clam for our #becool giveaway.

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