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Things to do with pets over the Easter holidays

a girl doing an Easter egg hunt while the dog stands in the background

You might have things planned ready for the Easter holidays, or you might be looking for a few ideas on activities for the whole family to get involved in, whatever the case we’ve got you covered.

Easter basket for pets

Why not get your household to get together and create an Easter basket for your pet? It can be filled with goodies they’ll love, and they don’t even need to be Easter related.

Obviously avoid any chocolate (unless it’s pet-friendly) and why not take this opportunity to buy them something they really need, or you think they’ll enjoy?

Some ideas for things to include in your pet Easter basket:

  • Pet toys(stuffed toys, balls, catnip toys, treat puzzles)
  • Treats or pet-friendly chocolate
  • Chew or dental toys

a basket full of treats

Easter egg hunt

Why not hold an Easter egg hunt for everyone to enjoy, fur and all? All you need is a garden or room big enough to hide some treats for your dog or cat to find. You’ll want to keep the hidden goodies in places your pet can reach, and make sure they’re smelly enough to be found, and set the hunters free.

Why not get the kids involved and let them hide the treats?

Always make sure that any human treats or chocolate are kept out of reach as we don’t want an excited dog or cat chomping down on an egg that’s not theirs as they could be harmful for them!

Bobbing for Easter eggs

If you’ve got a plastic paddling pool (you’ll want to hose it down first) and some plastic eggs, then you’ve got everything you need for an egg-citing game of bobbing for Easter eggs. Fill the pool with some water and the eggs with your pet’s favourite treats and let the bobbing begin.

This is probably more for the dogs as your cat will probably look at you as if you’ve lost your mind, but it’s lots of fun nonetheless.

Easter photoshoot

Why not set up a little photo shoot at home? Use some colourful Easter props like plastic eggs, baskets, and artificial tulips or daffodils (don’t forget, the real ones can be toxic to pets) to decorate your backdrop, or simply set up the shoot outside against a garden fence.

Your pet and children need to be slightly well behaved to get some successful photos to show off to friends and family but if not, you can still snap some crackers. Your funny outtakes can be entered into the 2021 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

An Easter picnic

If the weather’s nice then why not go out (if your local restrictions allow), picnic in hand and find a spot for everyone to enjoy a relaxing lunch. It might be your first picnic of the year, so make it a special one. If you’re not allowed to travel yet, this can still be enjoyed in your garden or on the living room floor.

Here are some Easter-related food ideas:

  • Sandwiches shaped like eggs
  • Watermelon and pineapple-shaped like rabbits
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks from the Easter bunny
  • Rice Krispies nests with a few chocolate eggs in each
  • Deviled egg chicks
  • Pretzels that could be decorated like bunnies

a couple enjoying a picnic with their dog

Easter puzzle boxes

If you don’t think your cat or dog would be able to enjoy an Easter egg hunt without chewing the plastic eggs, then why not create a puzzle box game, instead? All you need is a few empty boxes and a few of their favourite treats.

Get the kids to set up the boxes in the living room and then let your cat or dog explore their puzzle. It can be quite funny to watch them trying to figure out how to flip the boxes and reveal their treats.

Easter day out

If you’ve got older children that wouldn’t enjoy the fun and games then you could just pop out for the day, depending on your local restrictions and if it would be safe to do so. Whether it be a beach, an adventure in a town, exploring the city, or simply to the local park, whatever it may be your family and dog will love it.

Let us know what you get up to over the holidays on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and share your fab ideas with other pet owners.

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