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We Highly Recommend the Buddy & Friends Memory Foam Mattress

Wellie Zzzz

A few months back my Border Terrier Archie and I were lucky enough to test the Buddy & Friends memory foam mattress. Whilst this product is indeed a very good one, I had set my sights on something a little larger in size, the memory foam lounger. Archiebold will sleep anywhere but as he gets older (he is currently 10) I am starting to become more aware of his joints and bones and want to give him the comfiest bed possible. After testing it, I believe that the memory foam lounger is that bed.

As any human can testify, memory foam is incredibly comfortable and the lounger does not detract from the level of quality found in beds designed for humans. In fact, having the larger size to test, I had a little lie down myself and can testify how lovely it is to lie on. A great feature of the lounger is that it is curved at both edges; this ergonomic design means that all types of dogs can use it, with either end acting as a pillow and the other supporting the back. I also like how the bottom of the lounger is made out of grip so that it does not slide around on slippery surfaces.

Living in the countryside, Archie gets filthy very quickly on a weekly basis; I almost think he does it on purpose, like it’s his life’s mission to see how dirty he can get. After testing the lounger for two weeks it became extremely muddy, no thanks to my mucky pup. Thankfully the cover can be removed very easily via a zip and can be washed in the machine. A few hours out on the line and it was dry and ready to slip back on the mattress, as good as new.

Archie the Tester

Whilst very soft to touch, the material is tougher than it seems. Archie, like most Border Terriers, is a professional at tearing fabric to shreds in a matter of seconds. Surprisingly, there have been no tears or holes created by the little man. Whether this is because he is so comfy when he rests on it that he does not want to ruin it, or because it is tough material, I cannot say. All I know is that it is a miracle that he hasn’t destroyed it yet and this alone acts as a testament to the quality of the product.

The Buddy & Friends memory foam lounger is available in two sizes, medium and large; the medium size will provide comfort for a dog up to around the size of a Cocker or small Springer Spaniel whilst, as I mentioned before, the larger size is big enough for a human. Of course, it all depends on how your dog likes to sleep on whether you go for the medium or large size.

Overall I am very impressed with the product. Both, Archie, and his brother Wellie (a Cocker Spaniel) tested the medium sized lounger and they absolutely love it. I am certainly going to have to buy another one; at the moment they both love it so much that they share it, each with half of their bodies on the lounger.

If you would like to purchase one yourself then head to official Buddy & Friends stockists Pets Corner.

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