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Why do dogs roll in poo?

Why do Dogs Roll in Poo? 2

It’s a scene we all know too well: you’re out enjoying a lovely walk and your dog stops, suddenly, and starts sniffing. At first, you ignore it thinking he’ll walk on. That is until he arches his neck to the floor and his legs are suddenly in the air. Then, you have a dog rolling and covered in poo.

So, why do dogs roll in poo?

There are many theories and ideas as to why dogs roll in poo. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can just ask them, but here are just a few possible explanations.

Just had a clean?

You might have spent a while choosing the right shampoo and while you think it’s perfect and smells lovely, your dog might think very differently. And so, they might roll in the first smelly thing they see after having a bath. It’s their natural perfume!

why do dogs roll in poo?

Marking their territory

Some speculate that dogs roll in poo to make a mark with their own scent, instead of the perks that come with having it matt to their fur. So, they might just be trying to override the scent left by someone else. Your dog might just want to let the dog from number 8 know that he got to it first.

Wolf ancestors

Another theory is that rolling in scents is a trait passed from their ancestors. It is said that wolves often roll in different odours so when they return to the pack they can share what they found on their adventures. So, your dog might just be trying to share their wonderful find with you.


It might also be down to boredom. Rolling in smelly poo might be fun, and the chase home is even more fun. So, your dog might be hinting at a bit more stimulation on their daily walks. Tennis balls and Frisbees could be the answer to a clean dog.

Whatever the reason may be I’m sure we can all agree that taking a smelly dog home after a walk is not ideal. Whatever their reasoning to rolling I’m sure we all appreciate the clean cuddles after a nice bath!

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