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World Environment Day 2019

Every year on June 5th World Environment Day is celebrated around the world, helping to raise awareness of any environmental concerns and issues. The theme is different each year ranging from global warming to plastic pollution with this year’s theme being #BeatAirPollution.

With air pollution affecting our environment, climate and health the theme is a call to action call to try and combat this global crisis.

This year we’ve decided to take a look at the environmental charities our customers have enabled us to support. While most are not directly related to beating air pollution, the world wouldn’t be the same without the creatures they work hard to protect.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

If you follow us on our social media pages you might remember the Bumblebee Conservation Trust taking part in our 100k Charity Giveaway at the end of 2018 when we donated £25,000 to help with their mission of increasing the number and distribution of bumblebees in the UK.

Bumblebees are great pollinators, helping produce much of the food that we eat as a nation as well as pollinating many wildflowers, helping wildlife thrive. Without bees we would need to pollinate the fruit and vegetables we eat by other means, significantly increasing the cost of our weekly shops, as well as endangering the nation’s wildlife as we know it.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Whale and Dolphin Conservation is the leading UK charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins everywhere, working towards a world where these magnificent beasts are safe and free. Their goals include ending captivity, stopping whaling, creating healthy seas and preventing deaths in nets, important work that wouldn’t be able to be done without donations and support.

In 2018 we donated £25,000 to WDC to support their conservation efforts.

Did you know that whale poo helps fertilise phytoplankton which absorbs millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere? So, by helping whales and dolphins live the life they deserve in the vast oceans they play a key role in an ecosystem that not only keeps us healthy but also combats climate change.

Just wow.

Bat Conservation Trust

Just like bees, bats play an important role in many different environments all over the world, helping pollinate plants as well as controlling pests. They pollinate the flowers of mango, banana and even cocoa.

We donated £10,000 to the Bat Conservation Trust. This money will support their National Bat Helpline offering advice to anyone contacting them in relation to an injured, grounded or orphaned bat.

Conservation charities are more important now more than ever. We are privileged to be able to support the fight to protect species and habitats around the world thanks to our amazing customers.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more charity visits, product reviews and pet advice or head over to our Facebook page for updates on our latest campaigns and giveaways.

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