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Who are David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust?

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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was named after its late founder who was a warden in a National Park in Kenya. Founded by his wife, Dame Dr Daphne Sheldrick DBE, they protect the biodiversity of the land and run shelters for orphaned and injured animals. The Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s largest wildlife refuge with a huge elephant population. The park was created to provide a safe space for these animals to roam while also protecting them from poachers, who prize their tusks for the ivory trade.

David’s memory, his love for Africa and his ethics are continuing within this charity. The principles and ideas have lived on, and those working there have a wide range of experience with wildlife, the local environment and conservation issues within the country.

The charity cares for orphaned rhinos and elephants whose families have been caught by bush meat and ivory hunters. At the rehabilitation centres and nurseries they hand-rear orphans where needed with special formula. The centre have a team of people working hands-on to ensure that, when the rhinos and elephants are old enough, they can be returned to the wild, able to fend for themselves in established herds.

Currently over 40 rehabilitated orphan elephants are now living free within the park. Other species that have found their way into the care of the charity are antelope species such as dikdiks and elands, zebra mares, Cape buffaloes, warthogs, squirrels, mongooses, civets and genet cats, jackals and birds.

Animal welfare is clearly key to the work at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and they work with locals so that the ivory trade can be reduced through education. The work that the trust does has been helped by Animal Friends after the Trust won first place in the Vote for a Charity Facebook competition, and they are in the running for another donation in our special World Wildlife Day competition. You can vote for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust here.

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