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An introduction to Mane Chance Sanctuary

An introduction to Mane Chance Sanctuary

An introduction to Mane Chance Sanctuary 1Mane Chance was founded in 2011 after a shelter for injured, abandoned and maltreated horses and birds folded leaving 60 animals underfed and homeless.

Having moved the animals to new premises in Surrey, a charity was formed to rescue and rehabilitate these abused and abandoned horses and the rest of the animals and birds were rehomed to another Sanctuary.

Sometimes wonderful things grow from adversity and it is safe to say that Mane Chance Sanctuary is one of them. Over the years, the Sanctuary has gone from strength to strength with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. It is now home to 31 rescued horses, ten ex-battery hens and one dog that was left abandoned in a local park.

The ethos of Mane Chance is to create a circle of care – they help the horses and the horses help people. Their approach to rehabilitation is centred around kindness and respect; encouraging animals that have suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of humans to trust again. The horses live out in herd and friendship groups in a very natural environment where they learn to feel safe and loved. Any interaction with people is based on partnership and consideration rather than dominance which promotes strong and trusting relationships between the two.

The work with the horses in the community is at the heart of Mane Chance with local schools and groups of people of all ages and with various needs visiting the Sanctuary to spend time with the animals. Some people come for respite; some for work experience and some for structured programmes to encourage a rise in confidence and self-esteem and a reduction of anxiety and anger issues.

Like any charity, Mane Chance exists with great support from the public and they welcome any offers of fundraising or volunteering. Please visit the website for more information – www.manechancesanctuary.org.


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