Dog advice Dog advice Dog advice

Dog advice

Whether you’ve just brought home your first puppy or you’re a seasoned owner with a few faithful hounds, there’s always more to learn about caring for your dog!

We love to support dogs from all over the world, whether they’re insured with us, or living in shelters worldwide.

Dogs have been popular domestic pets for centuries. With a reputation as 'man’s best friend' dogs have cemented themselves as firm favourites the world over. Here at Animal Friends we love to tell you more about our canine companions and help you with any support you need.

Dog first aid

Learning vital information on how to deal with a dog emergency is important, that’s why we have partnered with Dog First Aid Franchise Ltd.

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Opening up our homes to an animal who will rely on us for their care is a wonderful thing, but it isn’t without its challenges and responsibilities.

Of course, we believe that providing pet insurance is a crucial element of responsible pet ownership, so your pet will be protected if the worst should happen.

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