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Pet advice
Pet advice
Pet advice

Dog Healthcare and treatment

From their teeth to their toes and everything in between, there is a lot that can affect our dog’s health but luckily there are things we can do to keep them happy.

Here you’ll find advice on all things health from spotting the signs of the most common conditions by breed to preventative treatment to avoid pests.

We have worked with our partners at Joii to provide handy guides about the heath problems and conditions common to some of the most popular breeds of dog. These guides detail the causes of each condition and preventative healthcare advice that owners can follow to avert or manage it going forward.

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How can I tell if my pet is obese and what does it mean?

A guide to pet obesity, the risks, its causes and tips in preventing your pet from becoming overweight

Protecting your dog from wasps and bees

Everything you need to know about bees and wasps, their stings and how to treat them

Dog allergy symptoms & treatment

Learn about the most common dog allergies and their symptoms, and how you treat them.

Arthritis in Dogs: Symptoms to Look Out for

Dogs can suffer from arthritis just like humans. Know the symptoms, and how you can minimise their discomfort

How to bathe your puppy

Discover the common practices behind bathing your pup depending on their age, coat and time of year.

Puppy skin health & allergies

Learn the symptoms and causes of skin allergies and conditions, and how to deal with fleas and ticks

Heart Conditions

There are a wide range of different heart conditions which can vary in severity. A dog can be born with a heart problem or develop a condition over time.

Foreign Bodies in dogs

Unnatural items (like glass or thorns) becoming stuck in areas such as a dog’s stomach, skin, paws, eyes, ears or mouth that need veterinary assistance to remove.

Toxic Ingestion in dogs

This is when a dog, sometimes unknowingly, ingests some sort of poisonous matter. This includes plants, poison and certain foods.

Bones, Joints and Mobility Problems

Conditions include osteoarthritis, lameness, cruciate ligament damage and hip dysplasia which can cause mild to severe discomfort.

Accidents and Injuries

Fractures, road traffic accidents (RTAs), nail injuries and other wounds. Some accidents and injuries are hard to prevent and could lead to further health issues later in life.


An unpleasant and involuntary expulsion of stomach content through a dog’s mouth.

Skin Problems & Allergies

Skin conditions and allergies are a common health problem in dogs; appearing as bumps, redness and irritation of the skin as well as scratching and biting of affected areas.

Seizures and Epilepsy

Both health problems can cause a dog to convulse uncontrollable due to disturbed brain activity.


A serious condition that causes inflammation in the pancreas. Symptoms include sudden vomiting and stomach pain.

Hepatitis (Rubarth’s disease)

Hepatitis in dogs is a virus that seriously affects the liver. It is a highly infectious condition passed from dog to dog through blood, urine, saliva and faeces.

Eye Ulcers

A condition also referred to as a corneal ulcer. This condition is normally caused by blunt trauma leaving a dog with a deep painful erosion in their eye.

Gastroenteritis and Diarrhoea

A condition which causes inflammation of the stomach and/or intestine as well as a dog producing an abnormal, sometimes uncontrollable, amount of watery excrement.


A common incurable health problem where a dog has insufficient levels of insulin causing blood sugar levels to be uncontrollable without medication.

Cushing’s Disease

A hormone disorder caused by tumours developing on one of two important hormone glands resulting in an abnormal level of cortisol hormone being produced.

Cancer and Tumours

A chronic condition commonly found in older dogs appearing as lumps and growths on the skin or in the dog’s body.

Seizures in dogs

Seizures are caused by abnormal uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain. Some dogs may only have one seizure in their lifetime

A Guide to Flea and Worm Treatment

Advice on flea and worm treatments in pets, from signs of an infestation to types of treatment.

Basic First Aid for Dogs

Learn basic dog first aid, and which equipment every dog owner should have in case of an accident.

How to treat a dog with allergies

Do you suspect that your dog has an allergy? Learn how to diagnose and treat the allergic reaction.

Dysplasia in dogs

Learn dysplasia symptoms and treatment methods, plus pain management techniques to improve quality of life

Gastrointestinal disorders in dogs

Discover gastrointestinal disorder symptoms, to help you prevent an acute condition turning into a lifelong problem

Why does my dog keep licking me?

Discover why your dog loves to lick you, and how to stop it if you wish to!

Why do dogs have wet noses?

Along with licking it too often, here are the most common reasons why your dog’s nose is wet

Cancer in dogs

Learn about cancer in dogs, its causes, signs and treatment.

Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Discussing Addison’s disease in dogs; its symptoms, diagnosis and how it’s treated.

Heatstroke in dogs

Heatstroke is extremely dangerous for dogs, but easily preventable. Learn the signs and how to treat it.

Hernias in Dogs

Hernias can differ in severity with some being life-threatening. Discover the causes, symptoms and treatment


Get health advice for every stage of your dog’s life and learn about the things you can do while they’re a pup to prevent specific conditions from developing in the future. Maybe you’re looking for guides on flea, tick, and worm treatment instead?

Whatever you are trying to find, our helpful articles will ensure your dog’s health and happiness.