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Pet Safe Kurgo Go Together water bottle review

The Kurgo Go is a portable water bottle that is great for walking and travelling with your dog. The bottle holds 700 ml of liquid and comes with a detachable water bowl which holds 200 ml and doesn’t leak when turning the bottle upside down.

Available in three colours, the Kurgo Go holds water for you and your dog with a sliding top for you to drink from and a bowl for you to pour water for your pooch to enjoy. It’s a portable and convenient alternative for walking or hiking with your pet.

£11 – £16 not including P&P

Ease of use




Our rating


Quality product
Minimises water waste
Holds a good amount of water
Clip provided to attach to your bag
Quite a bulky design
Bowl can be a bit fiddly to get off

What we like about the product

If you’re like me and try to share your drink with your dog by pouring the water into my hand or their mouth, this water bottle helps prevent wastage and provides your dog with their own compact bowl. Because the bottle is for you and your pup to share but drink from different ends, you don’t have to carry any extra bowls or bottles with you, saving on space and weight!

The water bottle looks and feels just like a normal water bottle, with the little extra at the end for the detachable bowl.

I liked that it holds lots up to 700ml, although if your dog is big or has worked up quite a thirst, this still may not be enough for the two of you, so an extra bottle might be the answer for longer walks. The Kurgo Go is still ideal for your daily walks on a warm day!

There’s a clip included so you can attach the bottle to your bag, daysack or belt loop too, or you can simply hold the bottle by the handle.

What we don’t like about the product

We found that it was a little hard to take detach the bottom bowl from the bottle as it was quite snug. This was only for the first couple of times, and it loosened with use and was easier to take off once you’d found the knack of it.

While the bowl is curved to fit a dog’s snout, this prevents you from filling the bowl up too much and may require filling twice if the dog needs more water.

The final verdict

Lilly found this water bowl easy to use, although she wanted to drink from the main bottle as she was used to that. It’s a nice amount of water to take with you for a walk with your dog of any size and I found that it provided enough for a 2-hour walk allowing you to have a few swigs too.


Lilly is an 8-year-old Maltese x Shih Tzu with a big personality. She is well-loved around Salisbury and is also known as the Animal Friends Marketing office dog. Her little paws have travelled hundreds of miles around the country from hiking to the top of Snowdon, to Pen y Fan and through the lakes down to the Dorset coastline, she loves adventures and lots of attention.

Her favourite thing is playing with her Kong treat ball to get her sausage treats out. She looks forward to this at 7 pm every night. And if you don’t have any sausages, she will just chuck the toy in front of you demanding playtime.