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Pet advice
Pet advice

Travelling with your dog

Whether you’re taking your dog for a quick visit to the vets or you’ll be spending a little longer in the car as you head on holiday or staycation, you’ll find our tips and advice on all things dog travel here.

Knowing the rules around travelling with pets and learning ways to keep your pooch out of trouble while on the road with our Dog First Aid advice can help keep you and your dog happy and safe.

Activities: The dog owner’s guide

Learn how to keep your dog safe when hiking, biking or paddleboarding and the first aid items to pack

Roadtrips: The dog owner’s guide

Our checklist makes travelling with your dog memorable to for right reasons, not the wrong ones!

Camping: The dog owner’s guide

How to plan and pack for your camping trip so your dog is happy, healthy and safe to explore and have fun.

Beaches: The dog owner’s guide

Get fully prepared for your beach trip to ensure that you and your dog have a great day down by the sea

Travelling abroad with your pet after Brexit

There is now a different procedure to follow before taking your pet from England, Scotland and Wales to the EU. The UK has been given Part 2 listed status, which means there are some extra requirements for travelling with pets.

Taking your dog to the beach

See what you should consider when planning a trip to the beach with your dog

Planning a pet-friendly holiday

Read our top tips on planning a holiday with your pet

Travelling with dogs in cars

Learn what you should consider when travelling with your dog in the car

Taking your dog on holiday

We look at the different options to consider when planning a holiday

Travelling: Things to consider

Read the key things to consider when travelling with your pets