Dobermann Rescue

Dobermann owners decided there was a need for a rescue organisation for Dobermanns. Since those far-off days more than 13,000 Dobermanns have successfully been rescued and rehomed, many being subject to cruelty or starvation. Some of these dogs can simply no longer be cared for in the way that the family wishes they could. But sadly and all to often its an irresponsible owner who hasn’t researched the breed thoroughly and bought their Dobermann for all the wrong reasons.

Dobermann Rescue covers most parts of the UK which, for ease of management, has been divided into areas. Area officers are responsible for vetting homes initially and for regular home checks once a dog has been rehomed and has had time to settle. However, their role is also to provide advice, guidance and practical help, this usually helps prevent a newly rehomed Dobermanns from joining the ranks of the unwanted again. Furthermore, new owners of rescue Dobermanns are encouraged to join a dog training class.