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Charity Donation: HorseWorld

Charity Donation: HorseWorld 1

Charity Donation to HorseWorld

This week, we were kindly invited to visit HorseWorld who won £10,000.00 thanks to our recent charity giveaway! HorseWorld invited us to come and see how the £10,000.00 would be spent, and to also show us what projects we have previously helped fund. We were given a fantastic guided tour of the yard, paddocks and learning center by Stephen Poole, Fundraising and Communications Manager for HorseWorld.


A little history

HorseWorld, located on the outskirts of Bristol has been running since the 1950s, and was originally set up as a form of retirement home for old and over worked horses that would normally have been sent to slaughter. In the 1950s more and more horses were being sent to slaughter, due to the rise of motor vehicles that were faster and required less maintenance. It was then in 1953, Margery Pelling and Madge Checkley joined HorseWorlds founder Mable Cocksedge and actively campaigned for “Retirement not slaughter”. It has since then grown as a charity re-homing and rescuing abandoned and neglected horses, pony’s, donkeys and even taking on a few retiring police horses, giving them a new lease of life in their twilight years!

Previous donations

Over the years, we have donated various sums of money to HorseWorld helping to better aid and further the amazing and important work that they do.

One of our previous donations went towards building a new, all weather paddock (shown below). This paddock is able to provide outside space for the horses and pony’s to roam regardless of rain or shine. As the flooring is soft sand it has many health benefits for sick or injured horses, as well as being great for horses who are on restricted diets due to weight and or other ailments. The sand base of this paddock is also great for the staff, as it doesn’t become muddy and slippery in bad weather.



Currently enjoying this new Paddock is our old friend Felix.

Back in 2015, Animal Friends donated £6,000.00 when we heard about Felix’s horrific start in life. Felix was abandoned on land without permission, this is a practice known as fly-grazing. Felix was lucky to be found and rescued, unfortunately his young friend was not so lucky and was found at the same time in a deep drainage dip frozen to death.

HorseWorld took Felix in and slowly nursed him back to health, staying up through the night helping him to stand up feeding him little and often so not to overload his delicate stomach. Felix was in a critical condition, and staff at Horse World were worried he would not make it through the night. Don’t worry, there is a happy ending, 19 Months on and Felix is practically unrecognisable.


During our visit to HorseWorld we were lucky enough to meet Felix (handsome fella in the image above) The staff have informed us that since being in their care Felix is now a very cheeky, confident horse who is full of character, this is a far cry from the weak timid foal rescued. Felix is currently living with his good friend Duchess another horse with a similar start to Felix.


It never ceases to amaze us how even with the most horrific starts, these beautiful creatures are still so friendly and trusting of humans. Both Felix and Duchess came straight over to the fence to greet us, it may have been the tasty bag of carrots that first had them interested, however they certainly stuck around for many cuddles and strokes. Which we (I) loved!


Thank you

We absolutely love the work that we do here at Animal Friends and its thanks to you, our policy holders that we are able to give a share of our profits to these incredible charities. When Animal Friends Pet Insurance was founded by Elaine Fairfax in 1998 the sole aim was to provide pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities.  Animal Friends Pet Insurance has since grown to become not only an award-winning business but one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK in which we have gifted over 2.5 million pounds to charities around the world. Currently in our 18th year, we look after well over 450,000 pets and offer cover for cats, dogs, horses and rider insurance. Without you, our policy holders we wouldn’t be able to support the amazing work that charity’s such as HorseWorld do, so from HorseWorld, Felix and us, we thank you.


You can go and visit!

HorseWorld are having an Open Day, on the 20th August 2016, this is a great opportunity to see what goes on at Horse World’s Welfare Department. Especially as this yard is not normally open to the public.

This is an open day that is available to everyone and would make for a wonderful day out. You can meet many of the rescued horses that are now fit and healthy and in the process of rehabilitation. Entry is free. We had an amazing time on our visit to HorseWorld and highly recommend it.


Thank you to HorseWorld for having us, it was a pleasure meeting the amazing team and seeing all the incredible work that you do. We look forward to visiting again soon!

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