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Birmingham Dogs Home

Birmingham Dogs Home – Who We Are

Birmingham Dogs Home was founded in 1892 to provide shelter for stray dogs in the local area who had nowhere to go.

For almost 130 years, the charity has been at the forefront of animal welfare in the Midlands by helping stray, lost and abandoned dogs find new homes or be reunited with their worried owners.

What do we do

Our mission is to rescue, reunite and rehome the lost, abused and abandoned dogs of the West Midlands and provide education in responsible dog ownership to schools and other community groups.

We accept any and all dogs in need, brought to us by dog wardens from across the Midlands and care for these animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.
From the thousands of dogs we rescue every year, we are able to reunite around 500 dogs with their worried owners.
Each dog will receive the care and medical attention they need while they’re with us but, ultimately, we want them to be rehomed into loving, forever homes and live the life they deserve.

How Animal Friends has helped us

We are planning on building our own veterinary clinic where dogs will be able to receive an immediate diagnosis and appropriate care. This will help reduce our running costs and allow us to operate as cost-effectively as possible so that we are able to help even more dogs each year.

Animal Friends Insurance has made a substantial donation of £50,000 that will pay for a dedicated X-ray room and its equipment which will be at the heart of the on-site clinic. This will help dogs recover even quicker and with a more rapid rehabilitation we can find new homes for dogs in our care at a greater rate as currently, our only option is to transport them to a veterinary practice.


Why Animal Friends wanted to help

We’ve provided support to Birmingham Dogs Home on a number of occasions in the past to help them continue to rescue, reunite and rehome as many dogs as possible and provide the very best standards of welfare.

We share a vision to create a better life for every animal and it’s important to us and to our customers that we give back to incredible charities dedicated to supporting their local communities like Birmingham Dogs Home.

When they shared with us their plans for the new veterinary clinic and hopes of being a self-sustaining charity, we knew that we had to help! Our donation will not only pay for a dedicated X-ray room and equipment which will be at the heart of the new veterinary clinic, it will help empower the charity to drastically enhance how it operates and the number of dogs it can help, saving tens of thousands of pounds every year in the process.

how you can help

It costs on average £772* to look after each dog in our care and since we raise every penny of our income ourselves, we are totally reliant upon the generosity of people like you.

*2021 data provided by Birmingham Dogs Home