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Hawk Conservancy Trust - Who we are

Our mission at the Hawk Conservancy Trust is the conservation of birds of prey. 

We are a leading conservation charity for birds of prey in the UK and this is reflected in the variety of conservation and research projects undertaken by our scientists and researchers. Our aim is to share our extensive knowledge and passion,encouraging others to join us our mission to protect birds of prey from the many threats they face.

What we do

There are numerous threats facing bird of prey populations around the world.

Many species are facing extinction and a majority are under pressure. Our philosophy at the Trust is one of evidence-based conservation management; all our conservation actions are based on the results of focused research. With the rapid decline of some of the species we are fighting to conserve, it is paramount that we are confident that our efforts are based on measured results.

How Animal Friends has helped us

The funding from Animal Friends will allow us to improve and expand our National Bird of Prey Hospital™, which exists to rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds of prey.

The hospital can receive and treat more than 200 sick, injured or orphaned birds of prey each year and provides a base for our research projects benefitting wild, injured and rehabilitated birds. We aim to give the birds admitted to the hospital the best chance to recover and regain fitness before we release them back into the wild.

We are extremely thankful to Animal Friends for this funding. It will help immensely to expand and improve our hospital, where we collect data to conduct research projects and provide vital rescue and rehabilitation to injured and orphaned wild birds of prey.

Why Animal Friends is supporting the Hawk Conservancy Trust

Animal Friends Insurance is a long-time avid supporter of Hawk Conservancy Trust, a charity which is especially close to our hearts (and physically – they’re only a few miles away from our office); we are passionate about supporting animal welfare in the local area, and therefore have donated a total of £81,000 over the last seven years. The Hawk Conservancy works tirelessly towards caring for birds of prey, ensuring the welfare of endangered species, and helping to educate their visitors on the importance of looking after birds of prey, and inspiring others to protect them.

You can help make a difference

If you share our passion for birds of prey, you can help us in our mission to conserve them. Donations to the Hawk Conservancy Trust are a vital source of funding, and go directly towards our conservation, education, rehabilitation and research work.

You could also become a member and become an invaluable part of our mission whilst enjoying as many visits to the Hawk Conservancy Trust as you like, plus many other benefits! Alternatively, our supporter scheme offers a way to support our conservation work on a regular basis without visiting; you can choose the amount you wish to contribute each month, and designate it towards the aspect of our work you feel most motivated to support. As a valued supporter you will receive a copy of our Annual Review and have the opportunity to meet with one of our feathered team members!   

To find out more about WDC and how you can support our work visit www.hawk-conservancy.org/ or follow us on social media below

As a valued supporter you will receive a copy of our Annual Review and have the opportunity to meet with one of our feathered team members!